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Lost Spoilers – Promo for Lost 4.13 TNPLH, Part 2

By ErasedSlate,

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Here is the USA Promo for the second part of the Lost Season 4 finale, “There’s No Place Like Home”.


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  • SithLord

    Bens gonna destroy Keamy.

  • Speed

    So Sawyer gets on the heli, but does not make it back home? This should be interesting.

  • Ed

    What makes you think Sawyer got on the helo? He is kissing Kate goodbye, but I think he must have known that they were going to be over weight limit, so he opted out.

    Interesting that they were getting on the helo, but we know they actually come ashore in rescue-ville in that zodiac boat Faraday was driving like a madman. How do they get from helo to Zodiac? I’d guess they helo back to the freighter, where Faraday is bringing the last of the beach survivors, but the O6 get on the zodiac there at the freighter and maybe are headed back to the island or just away from the boat (tough to explain why they have Aaron on the zodiac) when the freighter blows up real good.

  • chris

    It looks like Sawyer kisses her goodbye then gets out. They cut away from the Kate /Sawyer kiss and the next shot looks to be Kate and jack. Trying to fool us. Also, there is a fairly wide shot of the helicopter in flight and it is jack next to kate with no Sawyer, plus, they already said a few episodes back that Sawyer chose to stay on the island. hence, Sawyer was not on the Heli.

  • Matt

    Did anybody else notice that there is a quick shot of Keamy with his assault rifle and he has a look on his face like he’s surrounded????

  • Muhammed

    Locke says “What did you do?” at the end in a very aggravated voice. I wonder if it’s Ben or Jack he’s angry with and what do they do that pisses him off so much.

  • sirBetamax

    Well from the promo we know the helicopter will have 4 of the 6 on it at some point, and also that it will be running out of fuel.

    The question is where does it put down? Lapidus obviously dosn’t get off the island so they won’t be making the trip by chopper.

    Also perhaps the O6 are on a raft of some sort when the Island moves, leaving them with no way back to help the others if they could?

    I also like the idea that Keemy is rigged to blow up the ship upon his death. The only question is why? To prevent anyone using it to escape should he die?

    It would also explain why the C4 is ‘transmitting’ and thus preventing the boat to steer around the reef.

  • Ed: Isn’t the zodiac different in the photos in the press conference than what Faraday was riding between the freighter and the island?

    I don’t know.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Cane, you’re right. I posted the same observation the other day. The one Faraday has is grey and the one in the press pic is black. Definitely not the same.

    And to add to it, if you notice, the survivors in the press pic are wearing the same clothes that they wore when they originally crashed. Definitely staged….in my opinion.


    Hugo’s Fatass should of got out..