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Lost Spoilers – Ricky Memphis Details.. and MORE!

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rickymemphis.jpgJust got some into on Ricky Memphis’s upcoming appearance on Lost which reveals another returning guest star as well as a combination of characters that will make you say “hmmm”.

Memphis has had a scene with Matthew Fox and Lance Reddick. They filmed in Pearl City and Memphis’ character is supposed to be called “Emilio”. They told me that the filming of the scene took only few hours, then Ricky came back to Italy, so I think it will be a minor role, Memphis was asked the possibility to come back in the future. Since there are only few episodes left, I think that “future” means “next season”.

Source: Il Numero 2

  • Shaun

    I believe I speak for everyone when I say: “Who the HELL is Ricky Memphis?”

  • Garese

    Ricky Memphis is an Italian actor, quite famous here in Italy 🙂 He’s known mainly for his roles in police movies/fictions…

  • Lost Pop Culture Brains

    I’m with the 1st poster. 🙂 I just don’t have the savvy to know about these great people in other countries. Aieeee

  • “Shaun said:

    I believe I speak for everyone when I say: “Who the HELL is Ricky Memphis?””

    haha exactly what i was thinking.

  • liam

    He’s barely famous here in Italy too… 😉
    And we don’t understand “why the hell he chose that name”!

  • robert

    Rodriego Santoro was best known as a hot star in Brazil before being cast on Lost, and look how that turned out….
    For now, Jack and Abaddon sharing a scene together seems more important to focus on, though.

  • robert

    Dark UFO is now reporting this whole story is a hoax.

  • desmundo

    Wow yea I had no idea who he was. Weird name for an italian guy.