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Lost Spoilers – Secret Off Island Filming?

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So, you think LOST started filming this past Monday right?  Wrong! Lost actually did some filming earlier this month before the filming of the LOST season 5 premiere “Because You Left,”  in LA!

It isn’t revealed what was filmed, but the article at RedOrbit indicates the LOST crew did some shooting at a new facility called “Avenue Six” in Van Nuys.  The studio, according to the date of the article, opened earlier this month, so the idea of the Chang video being filmed there is out.  It is still possible, though, that this wasn’t filming for “Because You Left,” but rather for game content for the currently running (sort of) ARG “DharmaWantsYou”  (Although, nobody is quite sure what exactly Dharma wants us to do, other than die of boredom.)

From RedOrbit:

ABC’s popular series “Lost” was one of the first clients to film at
the new studios. Its producers said they were pleasantly surprised by
the experience.

“We were shocked and quite happy with the setup, and the personnel were prepared,” said co-producer Samantha Thomas.

“They had nice rooms, hair and makeup stations,” added Gregg Nations, another co-producer. “It’s a dream set.”

What sort of shooting could have taken place?  A scene so secret that the Lost producers wanted to be sure it was kept far away from the prying eyes that seem to be everywhere on “The Island” (aka Oahu)?   Maybe something with a particular actor that didn’t have availability for a quick sprint to Oahu later in the month.  Time will tell…