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Lost SPOILERS – Sneek Peeks for 5.03 Jughead (High Quality)

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A new set of LOST Moments has been released for Jughead.  All three will be posted right here, so if you don’t see them all check back in a moment.

So, what do you think the name of Desmond and Penny’s child is?

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  • hyperRevue

    Whoa. Very cool.

    I sort of wish I hadn’t just watched those. I need better will power.

  • Dwight’s 2nd Life

    “..because they’re Others.” – WOW!!! Didn’t see that coming!

  • The Others know how to speak Latin? What is the significance of knowing how to speak a dead language? I get the feeling these Others they have at gunpoint are original members of the Dharma Initiative — the Island natives (Hostiles) would not be wearing military uniforms.

    • hyperRevue

      Maybe just so they can communicate with each other in secret if they want to.

      But why do you think those 2 people are Dharma? Juliette said they were Others, which were originally the Natives.

      • Maybe the hostiles speak Latin because they’ve been there that long, they are “natives.”

  • lockeheart

    to tell you the truth i cant really tell if desmonds kid is male or female. If it is male i think it would be cool if he named him charlie after charlie pace not widmore. If it is a male though my bet is on Kelvin after Kelvin inman the doomed button pusher desmond killed way back when.

  • lockeheart

    Im thinkin that everyone involved in DARMA was required to speak latin because that is what the Hotiles/other would speak when confronted by darma’s. I think there is no doubt the people in the last video are a part of Darma. the question is what function or purpose did they serve. I think the writers were hinting in the premiere when chang was making the video for hint hint the arrow. And what were all these people yeilding when they came up to dan/miles/charlette… arrows. Heres to hoping we see a fully functional arrow station within the next couple of eps.

  • brian b

    IN the last clip, the anti-personnel mines are called claymores (c-4 or semtex surrounded by hundreds of metal pellets) , which didn’t debut until the late 70’s-early 80’s, and do not coincide with the M1 carbine rifle (cirica 1940-1942) the woman was holding. weird.

    • professorstotch

      Too much Call of Duty. 😉

    • DrQ

      Claymores debuted in 1960.

      • DrQ

        The M1 was in use until the mid ’60’s.

  • brian b

    Locke was right about the M1 rifle, which saw service with US soldiers early in the second world war and then on until it was replaced by the m14 in1957. A very powerful weapon with an 8 round clip which was very effective in battle however, with one major downside, which was that it gave off tremendous amounts of smoke when fired which made it very hard to conceal yourself.

  • lockeheart

    “You just couldnt stay away could you?” what the heck could that mean? did she see Daniel talk to Desmend?

    • Varrn

      I think it’s quite simple. The jump back in time, meeting her for their second time, her first. Then at the normal timeline, they have already met her even though they haven’t. (Similar to Richard knowing about Locke)

    • Tom R

      Do you remember the beginning of “Because You Left”? Daniel was already shown then on the island, so he probably was there in the past whit the island time skipping, because if he was there otherwise, he wouldn’t look like Daniel with the exact same age. Probably, the woman (as a teenager?) saw Daniel then/

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I don’t think the military guys are Dharma. The are Others, like Juliet said. Very much original Others too, given how old they are. Widmore was a military man. Who’s to say that Widmore and the Others/Hostiles weren’t originally a military group?? They are survivalists, they know latin, and they speak norse code (remember Ben with the mirror?). Sounds like the traits of a very early special ops unit. Possibly one that ventured to the island at some point in time before Dharma got there in the 60’s / 70’s. Dharma were a bunch of scientists and hippies….not really military survivalists. I bet Juliet will communicate with them and find some common connection to them…Richard maybe, or another Other that’s been there forever.


    • Ed Holden

      I don’t think they’re Dharma either. And consider this: in Latin they pondered why the Losties were not wearing uniforms. That means they expected those whom they attacked with flaming arrows to be in uniform. When uniformed people attack other uniformed people, that’s war. I’m guessing there are two competing sides in a major conflict on the island, probably pre-Dharma. The gun suggests this is the past, but keep in mind that it could theoretically be the future.

      • lockeheart

        Thats a great point. Maybe in the future witmore does find the island and those were his people. Bringing the 6 back could maybe change that future.

  • DarthVibbert

    I’m gonna go ahead and assume the child is named after a dearly departed former bass player for a one hit wonder band

    • horace goodspeed

      Foureightfifteensixteentwentythreefourtytwo Hume.

      • hyperRevue


  • rob

    penny/desmonds child charlotte maybe? who knows with all the time travel stuff going on.

    • Tom R

      Impossible. She would have remembered everything and could have warned them i suppose. Didn’t happen, isn’t so. P.S., her name is Charlotte Staples Lewis or something like that, so she can’t be called Hume with her last name. And i don’t think it’s a girl ’cause Desmond talks about monsters and stuff and he/she smiles. That’s pretty boy-like.

  • DarthVibbert

    this also answers my question about showing Penny giving birth in the promo, I was like “hmmm, no bump last episode… skipping ahead 9 months?” But that didn’t make sense, b/c it wouldn’t take 9 months to get to England from the Mediterranean. So then I figured it’ll just be a flashback of her giving birth and the child just wasn’t seen on screen in “Because You Left

    • sawyerizgod

      Flashback of birth….Des woke from the dream and Penny said that he’s been off the island for two years…when we see the child later on in the epi, he looks to be either two or 3 years old.

  • hyperRevue

    Two things.

    1. Desmond wasn’t an Oceanic 6, obviously. But does he have to come back to the Island too? I don’t see why he wouldn’t, but it hasn’t been talked about yet.

    2. Are the O6 (and Desmond) allowed to bring people with them. Like, could Des bring Penny?

  • Apopheniac79

    Well assuming that the Penny and Des’ child is female. I’d guess her name as Millicent (Milly) 😉

    Also notice the way that Juliet cuts John off before he can relate to James who shot him…

    Regarding the claymore anti-personnel mines, there may not be any inconsistency with the M1 given that it is possible that either 1) the Jones crew is using old weaponry and the claymores are contemporary or 2) the two scenes are at different times or 3) it was a prop error.

    Regarding the “Because they are Others” line, I am unsure as to the validity of this statement. But assuming that it is the truth, the ‘others’ that Juliet is speaking of, seems to me, to be the non-D.I. hostiles/others. Juliet was never a part of the D.I. so she could self-identify as an ‘other’ in relation to both the lost-aways and the D.I. Also, Juliet is a pioneering medical researcher, therefore she would have (before coming to the Island) a vast working knowledge of Latin. But being able to read and write Latin does not translate into an ability to use conversational Latin. So I’m of two-minds on her statement here. One more thing about the Latin, it’s gonna be fun when Charlotte is introduced to this crew. Assuming that she understands it (a specialty in dead languages pretty much guarantees she does) and that she does a better job of keeping from them than she did from Jin 😉

    • professorstotch

      I thought about the Juliet cutting him off thing. I think she knows exactly who shot Locke.

  • Apopheniac79

    ok I just re-watched, Penny says “…his grandfather” so it’s a boy. D’oh!

    Given that, I’ll guess a few names:
    Rudolph (Rudy), Leopold (Leo), Stephen
    Telemachus 😆

    • professorstotch

      I missed the “his”. Good catch!

      • sawyerizgod

        The asian doctor who delivered the baby says it’s a boy while handing him to Penny on the boat.

  • Jangras

    Desmond son’s name is CHARLIE!!!

  • sawyerizgod

    When Juliet,Locke,Miles and the rest of the bunch get rounded up, Alpert tells Locke that the year is 1955…..

    • sawyerizgod

      Oh yes….interesting 1ST introduction of a character that we already know in tomorrows show….

  • Desmond’s son’s name is FROGURT!

  • “hyperRevue says:
    January 26, 2009 at 7:51 pm
    Whoa. Very cool.

    I sort of wish I hadn’t just watched those. I need better will power.”

    I know. Watching the premiere, it felt like I’d already seen it because of the spoiler-clips.

    Spoilers, indeed

  • Desmond and Penny, parents of Daniel…and that means the gray-haired lady is….

  • numbersarebad

    The uniforms and Latin doesn’t neccessarily matter. The Others like to play dress up anyway, we know that. Tom’s fake beard ring a bell? One minute they are neat and clean in the Barracks, the next minute they are barefoot and covered in mud. They utilize theatrics when dealing with unfamiliar people.

  • Michelle Friday

    Is Des taking Penny to the Island? right where Ben will be? with his
    revenge plan to kill Widmore’s daughter? yikes!

  • DrQ
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