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Lost Spoilers – “Something Nice Back Home” Spoiler Puzzle

By docarzt,

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Since I rarely give big spoilers and I know how you guys LOVE Ausiello’s asterix quizzes, I figured I’d break from tradition and spill a few major moments from tonight’s episode, while giving you all something to sleuth over.  They are toughies!  I’m not about to make it easy, and I won’t verify when somebody gets it right.  Enjoy and be sure to post your guesses.

1. ***k **** ***e ** *e *** ****.
2. ***** ****s *h* **en** ****’* **o*t.
3. ****’s **** **d *p***** ** *** ************.
4. c***e **s******s ******* ***** *****d.

  • kristina

    oh wow…I honestly have no idea

  • Evan

    Cryptoquips I can do. I have no idea what a “Ausiello asterix quiz” is.

  • pat

    Doc, you’re mean. With so little clues and just a few hours to the episode, no way you can find many people who will try it.

  • DriveShaftDrummer

    I’m no statistics major, but the possibilities seem endless

  • imfromthepast

    Come on people! Those are soooo easy, I can’t believe no one else figured them out yet!

    I must say though, #3 had me stumped for a couple of minutes.

  • GeorgeM4

    Here is one guess:
    3. Jack’s dead dad appears in the flashforward.

  • buffy

    I love puzzles, but I have to agree about the possibilities being endless.

    Maybe if there were more letters…………..

    (hint hint)

  • CL

    That’s a good guess George!

  • Rachel

    Or… 3. Kate’s step dad appears in the flashforward.

    2. last word ‘ghost’?

  • liam

    huge puzzle spoiler: third word in number two is “THE”!

  • Kate

    Yes Rachel, maybe the last word of #2 is “ghost” and it has something to do with Charlie’s appearance in the FFs. As a ghost perhaps?

  • liam

    I wouldn’t say it’s Charlie’s ghost. Charlie doesn’t fit anywhere in 2

  • GeorgeM4

    That’s what I got on this one:

    2. ***** ****** who **e*** Alex’s ghost.

    I don’t think the 3rd word is “the” as word 4 seems to be a verb.

    “Alex” is a guess as she is recently killed. Could be any other dead person with a 4 letter name…

  • t

    #2 ends with “Walt’s ghost”

  • DocArzt

    2. ***** ****** *h* **e*** l***’* **o*t.

  • Justin

    I think #1 may be “Jack asks Kate to be his wife.”
    Just a thought.

  • graham

    I want a vowel!
    “a”, please! ;))

  • GeorgeM4

    … or at least one letter on 4…

  • DocArzt

    4. ***** ***s****** ******* ***** ******.

  • liam

    4. first flashbacks…?

  • graham

    too difficult for me at this time!
    Is 12:27 a.m. here, i don’t have my head in a think-mode!

  • GeorgeM4

    4. Locke flashbacks involve/include young ******.

  • graham

    GeorgeM4 said:

    4. Locke flashbacks involve/include young ******.

    young Sawyer!!!?
    Could be.

    But these spoilers are from this week episode, no?

  • DocArzt

    This week only

  • CL

    C’mon, Doc, how about progressively giving us more letters as the episode’s air time approaches?

  • XmasDVD

    Come on Doc! How about if someone gets a word right, fill it into the puzzle…more clues please!

  • GeorgeM4

    … or even better, how about a hint for each of the four in the form of a word or small sentence?

  • buffy


    i’m trying.

    thanks for the extra letters.

  • helaene

    4. Locke flashbacks involve young Alpert?

  • helaene

    2. as the second to last word is possessive, I’m guessing it is a name. There are only 3 names I can think of that fit that space: Liam (Charlie’s brother), Lucy (Charlie’s love/target) and Luke (a random Other). I can’t make any sense of those though…

  • alexx_kidd.(Greece)

    with one hour & a half,I find this a little bit useless..but very intriguing!a nice way to keep everyone alert!!

  • DocArzt

    Okay more clues added! Have fun.

  • annewandering

    4. how about locke flashbacks include Other leader

  • annewandering

    ok forget that one!! posted before saw new letters. arg.

  • John

    2. Keamy (or Miles) spots the french lady’s ghost?

  • John

    2. Keamy hears the french lady’s ghost?

  • CL

    2. Miles hears the french lady’s ghost

  • Matt

    Ha! Someone got number 1 right! 🙂 Amazing! Especially since Jack proposing to Kate is so unexpected…

  • Matt

    And number 2… But even though the episode has finished… I still for the life of me can not figure out numbers 3 or 4…

  • John

    4. clare disappears leaving aaron behind?

  • John

    3. jack’s dead add appears in the flashforward?

  • John

    I mean dead dad.

  • Ben

    So after the episode, it looks like people got two of four right before the episode:

    1. Jack asks Kate to be his wife
    2. Miles heard the french lady’s ghost
    3. Jack’s dead dad appears in the flashforward
    4. Claire disappears leaving Aaron behind

  • milo

    Good puzzles…although the last should start with ****** since it’s “Claire” and not “Clare”.