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Lost Spoilers – Still MORE Cabin Fever Stills, Complete With Cabin!

By docarzt,

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  • Brad

    Looks as though Claire is in the background in the first pic.

  • butwhatifitisnt

    to Brad, i think you’re right, in both of the cabin shots with locke, it looks like claire in the background…INTERESTING!!

  • Wow, you’re right, it might well be.

    Thing is, what with that being Jacob’s cabin, she might be dead or alive. Heck, we’ve seen Christian Shepherd in there.

    Wonder if there’s a connection with the appearance of smokey in the next ep?

  • theMachine

    That totally looks like Claire in the backgrounf…crazy ass show, i love it!!

  • Niko

    Hmm, looks like my shed – albeit tidier, just ask my Mrs.