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Lost Spoilers – The Oceanic Ssssssss….even?

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A filming update from Ryan at HawaiiBlog has the spoiler world bopping today.  Apparently actor John Terry, who plays Jack’s father Christian, was present for filming of flash forward scenes.

Ever since Jack eluded, albeit under the influence, to his fathers corporealness in “Through the Looking Glass,” a great debate has raged over whether or not Jack was just losing it, or if Christian is in fact alive.  The answer, apparently, is about to be revealed:

“The scene was set inside St. Sebastian Neurology Clinic, bustling with doctors and nurses in scrubs and white smocks. Matthew Fox was there, of course. But so was John Terry.
One scene took place at the hospital’s front desk, and another inside
Dr. Jack Shepherd’s office. More than a few minds were blown when Sam Anderson showed up… but he was apparently just visiting with his wife and kids. It’s good to know he’s back in town, though!”