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Lost Spoilers – TV Guide / Cuse & Lindelof Talk the Return of Michael

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111645_203_pre[1].jpgAn upcoming article from TV Guide has some very interesting tidbits regarding the return of Michael.  Here are the bullet points, I’ve added some of my own intel in parentheses:


  • There is a “darkly revelatory” series of flash BACKS involving Michael in Manhattan following his return to civilization.
  • Four dead characters show up in this episode. (Friendly, Libby, Minkowski, Regina.)
  • According to Cuse: “It’s safe to say Michael’s return to the outside world did not work out in any way he hoped or planned.”
  • Walt shows up briefly. (And as a child, not taller ghost Walt proportions.)
  • According to Lindelof “He [Harold Perrineau] was always coming back on the freighter, it was just a matter of [when] we were gonna reveal the freighter.”
  • Originally, Michael and the freighter were going to be part of the season 3 finale.