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‘Lost’: The Keys to Locke

By lyly ford,

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christian-shepherd_lTHE TEASES!
You read that right. We have multiple teases about tonight’s new Lost. Most of them are hiding within (shameless plug alert!) the new installment of Totally Lost, the web series devoted to the crazy talk, over-thinking, passionate feelings, and general fun-time tomfoolery that Lost inspires in myself and Dan Snierson. You can find the show (which includes a very special guest ”appearance” from Lost exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof via the modern magic of electromagnetic bobble-headed talismans) at the very end of this column. If you simply can’t wait, I offer below, tease no. 1:

Here is this week’s installment of ABC’s entertaining attempt at recapping Lost. However, there’s no untangling of my favorite knotty moment in last week’s episode: Ben’s choice of airplane reading material, James Joyce’s Ulysses. OBSCURE ULYSSES TRIVIA OF GREAT LOST SIGNIFICANCE! One of the heroes of the novel, Leopold Bloom, is utterly fixated on a big word: metempsychosis. It’s a Greek term referring to ”the transmigration of the soul” (the spirit moving from one state to another; see: the Oceanic 6 leaving the real world for the Island). It also refers specifically to the idea of reincarnation. Think: John Locke?

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  • That Was annoying and funny but annoying

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    i think i’m missing the point of this post.

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    Wait so this means Walt is in the episode tonight?

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    AHAHAHAHA! I love this!