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Major SPoilers by Ausiello

By lyly ford,

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markpellegrino_lFact: Dexter alum Mark Pellegrino (he played Rita’s abusive ex) has been cast on Lost in a pivotal role, multiple sources confirm to me exclusively.

Unconfirmed scuttlebutt: He’s playing Jacob in an off-island, circa-’70s flashback involving some very familiar faces!

Fact: He turns up in the season finale.

Unconfirmed scuttlebutt: One of those familiar faces is *a****!

source : Ew

  • dolce


    • dolce

      Sawyer or Daniel?

  • Benjamin

    I think the spoiler label on this should be sliiightly bigger…haha this could probably be one of the largest spoilers in the entire LOST mythology. I can only see some people being upset. Do I care? I love a good spoiler. Its about time we come back to Jacob.

    as for the “familiar face”…I’m going for Daniel.

    • I don’t know if the casting of Jacob is a huge spoiler… it’s just a casting. What Jacob does, how it impacts the show, our characters, and the season finale… THAT’s a huge spoiler which I’m glad I haven’t read yet.

  • Dan

    My two cents: Is it possible that he could be playing a grown up Aaron and that unconfirmed part is incorrect?

    But the idea that he’s Jacob is awesome.

    • Jonine from Arizona

      I like this idea..I could see him playing a 30 y/o Aaron!

  • Charlie’s Ghost


  • malakai

    I would love it if he was Jacob. Although I will love whoever they cast as Jacob because that would mean “Jacob” isn’t future Jack, future Locke, ben’s subconcious / split personality or any of the other theories i’ve seen that would make me want to put my fist through the tv if they were true.

    I’ve always hoped it wouldn’t be one of the 815er’s or anything like that and with all the time loop stuff this season I was worried it might be.

    The actor will be 44 this year and would make him about the right age to be Jack’s grandfather in 1977. Just sayin’.

  • Disappointing of “Jacob” is someone from a ’70s timeline AND off island.


  • preztige


    Sawyer and Jin is too easy

  • Malakai


    Maybe he is Jacob but I think its more likely they cast him as either Locke or Sawyer’s dad.

    If we look at the casting calls they sent out for the finale I see a lot of people with southern accents called for so I m thinking it is a Sawyer flashback.

    I am thinking this guy might be cast as “Doug” “Doug: Caucasian, 40s. Charismatic, soft southern accent.” Sounds like either Locke’s father or maybe Sawyer’s father, this guy has the look of someone who could be related to Sawyer, plus he has played some guys with southern accents.

    I dont think he is cast as Jacob.

    I DO think they are casting Jacob though, another finale casting call is “Jason: Any ethnicity, late 30s-60s. Former soldier. A leader of men. Smart but more than that – he is wise. Strong and straightforward. The words he says are always listened to and they carry gravitas. Guest star two episodes. May lead to recurrings. Looking for someone very interesting and very special for this role… ”

    Now that sounds like Jacob to me.

    • neoloki

      Yes that does sound very much like Jacob,but it could also be a new(or old) leader of The Others. Someone that had a key involvement in The Incident.

      • adam118

        Yeah, even from this photo op or whatever, he looks like a great Other.

    • lockeheart

      I like the idea of it being sawyers father. But if it is sawyers father and the finale is a sawyer flashback i have a bad feeling sawyer wont make it past the finale.
      I also think there is a strong possiblity of it being aaron but i definitly dont think jacob.
      I think the way we are going to get introduced to jacob will be in the premiere next season. our losties will be trouncing through the jungle and run into a time skipper (a la locke, juilet, faraday this season.) He will know everyone already, especially locke, but not have the island knowledge and spirt we have come to know him for. The war being discussed will be locke and the others trying to get jacob to assume the position of island leader. sounds crazy but i think it would be a really cool way to subtly introdoce jacob.

  • Dan

    SPOILER ahead.

    So apparently it’s been confirmed that he will play Jacob.

  • adam118

    WOW! I really, REALLY like this guy as “young” jacob, just from that one pic. He’s got the vibe of a somewhat otherworldly leader type. Awesome. Never seen him anywhere else, I think. What’s his voice like?
    Pretty much, he looks like he could play an awesome villainous leader of some sort.

  • meems

    Oh no. I’m bummed. I was sure Jacob was from the Black Rock. He looked so much like a pirate sitting in that ricking chair, ya know?

  • meems

    uh… rocking … chair.

  • OneOfThem

    I didnt even look at the page because of the “Major Spoiler” headline..

    Just droped in to say that… well.. if we are all watching this awesome show,
    (for quite some time now i might add)

    spoiling the end…is really a kill of your pleasure senses… that all..

    I know a lot of people like spoilers…but.. i just dont get it..

    I just hope the writers really surprise even the spoiled up fans… ;p

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