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“New LOST Promo – Quick Flash of New Footage!”

By lyly ford,

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it’s very very fast but at 15 second you can see a new footage of season6 and one character we really want to know the story this year !

enjoy !
thanks for the promo to Sl lost

  • Nick

    Are you referring to Arzt or Claire? (lol)

  • Benjamin

    I watched it on youtube, and just happened to pause it right on Claire holding the gun! Totally stoke to figure out whats goin on there!

  • angjen0816

    OMG!! now i am gonna be freaking out for the next two hours till I can go home and watch 15 sec of new LOST…i have issues!

    • Kevin James John

      Actually, it’s just a single frame. But when you see it… D:

  • I expect Claire to take on importance in season 6. I think that she is the one who broke the ash circle and allowed whoever or whatever was there to escape. Presumably she did it because her father (or someone she believed was her father) asked her to.

    • Uncle Beaver

      WOW! Thank you, I do believe you’re right. I’ve been trying my damnedest to figure out how/what/who broke the circle of ash (cuz it obviously “held” Jacob’s nemesis there)… now it makes complete sense. Very cool… good catch, if indeed she’s the one who did it.

  • AdmiralAwesome

    was that claire kissing someone with a beard? jacob maybe?

    • Absz009

      Looked like Charlie to me, looked like his beard anyway. But Charlie’s dead I know…

  • Dan

    Looks like Libby is back. Hope we get her story at last.

  • AC

    what about the numbers on the timer going past 108?

    • Kevin James John

      It’s just in reverse.

      • Alex

        Umm, I don’t think you get it Kevin James John…the clock always began at 108, and I definitely saw 109… I’m with AC, that is a clue to consider! Will the numbers be altered, or rendered inert? Or is it just a little effect to make the ad look cooler? God I love being a Lost fan, searching for meaning in the most trivial of things…

        To add, though, Claire *finally* holding a gun and looking badass makes me smile. I Like James McGrath’s theory that she broke the ash

        • AC

          not only did the numbers hit 109 00, it actually was at 109 11 and ticking past it. First observation is that the numbers normally became heiroglyphics past 108 prior to what we saw on that promo, and definitely not progress past it. Therefore the implication could be that in this new “world” not entering the numbers will have no consequence as it did previously with the hatch.

          Second, was I the only one who thought it was odd that the numbers chosen in the promo were 9 11? For most shows I would believe it to be a poor oversight, but in a show like Lost where even a nostril hair out of place means something, this was either very intentional or someone was sleeping at the wheel.

          • If it doesn’t matter to enter the numbers, then why have them, what would be the purpose or need for the counter? Either done for dramatics (and not well-thought out) or there would be a new number for the deadline.

          • If you watch closely the clock actually makes it up to 109.13 before the scene changes. So I don’t think your observation works.

          • music10man

            It looks like the timer just starts flipping through to reset and the first thing that it flips to just happens to be 109 11, because it goes straight from 108 00 to 109 11. That number could still be important, but I don’t think the timer was really ticking past 108.

          • Benjamin

            music10man has got it right, I think..its just the timer flipping back to the beginning. I think we’re looking too far into this.

          • dolce

            I agree with Benjamin and music10man. Just flipping back, means nothing.

          • I think that the fact that viewers have found significance in every nostril hair may not in fact mean that every nostril hair is significant…

          • AC

            fwiw, an Italian promo for Lost also displays the counter. From what I could see, of the numbers displayed one was greater than 200, 108 was there, and the famous 109 11, 109 12.

            My personal belief is that the numbers are only significant for being greater than 108. My comment was that I found it weird that a show that pays so much attention to detail would chose to have the numbers 9 11 in the frame.

          • Yes, I found the number 210 (can’t see the seconds though). I took a screenshot. You can view it for yourself if you click my name.

          • Rams

            I am re-re-watching season 2 right now. Whenever the timer is re-setting, it does flip to ransom numbers (like 210, etc.) before flipping back to 108. So, this footage is just showing that in reverse. We are all reading too much into this.

          • Rams

            I meant “random numbers”.

  • neoloki

    Claire is going to be a badass in season 6. I am going to take a wild guess that Claire is not Claire anymore. Smokie working with MIB?

  • neoloki

    what happened to the Disqus commenting system?

    • dolce

      who cares, it sucked.

      • neoloki

        brilliant. It seems to be working quite effectively over on Dark’s site and it is easier to keep track of responses. The web-site admin just needs to separate comments from reactions so you don’t get all the Twitter msg’s mixed in with the comments.

        but hey I can’t argue with your beautiful and elegant exposition on the failure of Disqus. Actually, I find your use of the english language and your predilection for detail in your arguments intimidating.


  • cliosis

    It seems that Kate is kissing a man with a beard too

  • maina

    The two pieces of text are: “Everything changes”, and “Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit”. I see Boone at 0:12, and then Doc Arzt (both seem like originally aired footage). Kate kissing the bearded man – i also think this is original footage from the cage with Sawyer.
    I doubt we’re seeing anything new here (besides the timer at 109…)

    • Benjamin

      …and Claire holding the badass gun.

  • Twitchy


    • Matt

      at the 21 second mark, isnt that new footage of jack? is it me or isnt he wearing the same shirt jacob was wearing when he was killed?

  • The footage has changed! Claire no longer looks “Rousseau-ish”! Check it out here: (same 15 sec stop)