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New Ryan filming Report

By lyly ford,

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SPOILER ALERT! “LOST” was filming today — a Saturday — a sure sign the traditional winter break is drawing near. Today, they set up in Kakaako, taking over the long-unused parking lot of the former CompUSA store on Ala Moana Boulevard, and staging a car crash a few blocks away on the corner of South and Pohukaina streets.

My friend, Bill Spencer, happens to live in the building overlooking the intersection, and was able to snap a couple of photos of the scene.  Two other wrecked cars sit askew in the street, and a bloodied Locke (Terry O’Quinn) surveys what’s left of his vehicle… most likely the blue four-door he and Abbadon were driving in the graveyard scene they filmed on Monday.

Meanwhile, my friend Ed went past the parking lot, and saw some lights, and several cars with Oregon plates.  Whether both locations were part of the same scene or time is anybody’s guess.

A few more shots of the car crash scene:


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