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Photos of the set finale season 5

By lyly ford,

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Thanks Andy/Darkufo for those photos of the set

It was filmed yesterday !

[nggallery id=47]

  • Juliet with a gun. In my dreams.

    Oh, what?

    • chad

      Wow! Juilet looks hotter than ever here… I think I found my new fav character…

      oh, what?

  • Seabiscuit

    So are Kate and Sawyer going to change their clothes between now and the finale or are they going to be running around in those dorky jumpsuits for the rest of the season? At least Jules is wearing something new. Hmm, wait, is that shirt red…? Uh-oh.

    • gloss

      I’m worried by Juliet’s RED SHIRT.

  • Yonko

    I think I would really like to be a gun now…

  • seenitlovedit

    finally all my questions are answered. on a show where they are on an island, the big spoiler is THERE WILL BE A BOAT.
    just kidding. thanks for the pics

  • Jennifer

    My question is – what is the white band Sawyer’s wearing around his chest (under the jumpsuit) in one of the pictures?

    • spacebender

      My guess is that it’s a velcroed elastic band for carrying some sort of equipment used in that scene.

      • dolce

        Looks like that’s what it is.

  • Johanna

    omg juliet’s wearing a red shirt, do you think she’s going to die?

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