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Press release epi 5×09

By lyly ford,

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press release for epi 5×09 18th march on ABC 🙂

Episode: Namaste
Sawyer is forced to perpetuate his lie when some old friends drop in unannounced
source : Lyly Ford blog

  • penny

    old friends??? i wonder who they are…
    the lie??? i thinks sawyer is the only character on this show that doesn´t lie…and i love him for that.

    • well penny if you watch promo for next episode you’ll get the anwer

    • DHARMA Agent

      Uhhh, did you see 316?

      • me ? i did yes and i know who are the old friends but i don’t want to spoil penny

    • rick

      sawyers a conman .. how doesnt he lie?

    • Seabiscuit

      I love Sawyer, too, but I don’t kid myself about his character. I mean he made his living by lying for years. And has he told anyone besides Kate that he murdered an innocent man before he came to the Island? A lie by omission is still a lie.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    if its on the 18th, then there is, in fact, a week off somewhere

  • This seems the exact same as LaFleur, besides the change from “a lie” to “his lie”

    • ’cause the lie started with losties and now old friends are back and i guess they’ll need to pretend to be in part of this lie too at least it’s the way i understood it

  • penny

    oh i see…now it`s coming all to me…i saw 316, and i know who came back to the island…but it`s still not clear what is sawyer`s lie…
    i understand sawyer`s a con man…or was a con man; but since he killed anthony cooper, he changed in many ways as if he grew up from the closure of his sad story. he always shows himself as a tough guy but if you see the last episodes from season 4, he had become someone much more sincere and caring. he risks his life over his friends hugo, claire and even jack, COME ON GUYS! give the guy some credit…while jack screams to kate`s face that he`s the one who saved her, that he`s the hero, sawyers is jumping off the chopper…

    i love sawyer, did i make it clear? jeje…