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  • Remember to fasten your seat belt! lol

    Poor Ben… Looks like he has found new friends. 🙂

  • Hipster Doofus

    Looks like they’re going to re-do the Jack waking up scene from the pilot. Instead, this time he wakes up, runs through the jungle, and lands in the water. They even had the eye opening. I bet, with as much as they showed, that that is the opening scene of the show….maybe.

    • lockeheart

      Im thinkin that jack eye-opening will happen with like 5 minitues left in the show after the last commerical break. the 06ers flight to the island crashes and he wakes up in forest and jumps in the water to save someone… probably kate. I never really considered it until watching this video but im thinkin they are going to make it back next episode.

  • Darth_yoda

    This video has been removed due to a breach of terms of use.

  • shit wait fews minutes

  • August
  • fixed guys 🙂

  • lockeheart

    Wow, from the looks of the end of the video it looks like the 06 might actually be making it back in this episode. I wouldnt doubt if this is the case. Lost storyline has been cruising so far this season. I never thought we would have seen locke turning the wheel and the 06 making it to hawkings church all in last episode but sure enough they fit it all in. If this episode is going to be all 06 and no left behinders, which i am getting the feeling it will be, i think they will make it back by the end of 316.
    The episode will probably end on a cliffhanger with the 06 getting on the island and lockes body missing from his casket. then next week we gets lockes story. cant wait!! I fu**ing love this show!

    • cameron

      Hence the life and death of Jeremy Bentham!

      The producers said that those two episode scould be played in either order

  • Axolotl

    Looks like Foucault’s Pendulum is going to be the big book reference of the week. I sure am glad I read it already, it’s too long to read in three days.

  • I am wondering whats happened to Aarron for kate to change her mind

  • DarthVibbert

    looks like Frank is going to get to fly that “damn plane” to bring the Losties back to the island

  • lockeheart

    Does anyone know if they are taking a week break in between the episdoes “the life and death of Jeremy Bentham? and “LeFleur” and if so why?!?!

  • Lostie

    Good News Lockeheart. ABC confirmed this week that there will be no week break in between episodes. “LeFleur” will air on Mar 4th.

  • what happened to my last post

  • I was saying season 6 starts very soon, do you think that the blast has now created an alternative timeline creating 2 sets of losties… eg the ones that landed on the island and the now new ones ( plane doesnt crash this time )

  • the ones on the island will all be eventually killed as richard claimed to sun ” yes i remember them, i seen them all die ” the ones of the island will go about their everyday life…

  • As anybody seen the new sneak peak yet . I got an email claiming i could win a viewing, has anybody else recieved it

  • Also i heard it was in transcripts and was the first 6 minutes!!! oh i hope so