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Promo and sneak peek for episode 6×06

By lyly ford,

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Here a very “special” promo by ABC and a sneak peek too

  • joshua

    numba one

  • poop mcgee

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  • I missed tonight’s episode when it aired, where can I find that preview that aired right afterwards?

  • looking_glass

    it’s the top video, right above the sneak preview for next week.

  • Toga

    I have a really really really bad feeling about next weeks ep.

    • dd

      A bad feeling? What does that even mean? They are going to feature a lot of suffering?

  • Ryan

    you know what this means right.. jacob and evil john locke person are the same person. Jacob is the good side and evil john is the dark spirit. thats why evil john threw the white stone into the sea, becuase its all evil now no good in jacob.

  • adam118

    Aww shit! Iraqi Soldier vs Karate master! whut up!

    • erikire

      ¡Fight! ¡Fight! ¡Fight!

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