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Spoilers! Promo Pics from LOST 5×01

By lyly ford,

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Spoiler Warning! Finally, LOST 5.01 promo pics have landed. Are they revealing? Not very, but hey… they are LOST 5.01 promo pics! It’s starting to feel very much like the old days around here.

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  • Wes Mantooth

    Hey Doc, I have a theory, no proof to this but, did you happen to notice on the other season 5 pics you posted of everyone by themselves they did Ben twice? Once in his “Black Suit Bad-Ass Ben” and also as “Island Ben”. Do you think that means a clone was created when he left? Like the bunnies. A “Bad Twin” perhaps? Maybe thats a clue?

    • Arinen

      When everyone else gets the DVDs of season 4 (not sure if it’s out in America yet) take a look at the deleted scene. the one with Ben in Tunisia proves that he a) knew exactly where he was going to end up, and b) there are now two Bens, but both were transported off the Island. So far we only know that one of them survived. This also explains (to me at least) why Ben was lying on cracked ground when you first see him in the Sahara, but on the close up he is on sandy ground.

  • tirshatha1

    Wow – I didn’t even notice that. I actually never got past looking at Juliette’s breasts – i mean pics.

  • gubbyfockwod

    I think that if the island does go back into time that it only makes sense that “Bad Arse” been would be off Island and “Evil Ben” would be on Island. Just a thought.

  • Kayla

    Ben and Sayid are wearing the same “uniform.” I know they were shown working together in the last season but it looks like they’re getting more serious about it. And Hurley is involved with it now, wearing his mental hospital garb.
    The shots of Ben and Jack are in the same place. Maybe they are visiting Locke as he is dying in the hospital.

  • Amy

    Looks to me like the pics of Jack and Ben are at the vet hospital, where he was talking w/ Sayid in the Economist episode. Maybe Ben’s new “base”. I’d be interested to see if there is a Vincent tie-in (i.e. Ben was the breeder or something…hmmmm…so many options….)