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sky one promo finale season 5

By lyly ford,

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  • Kawnar

    did that just say “the series finale of lost”?

    • Yes, because a series is what a season is called in the UK.

      • GeorgeM4

        Hence, the “one more series”.

      • apackofmonkeys

        I heard that and I got a huge twist in my gut. Then, mercifully, I remembered reading the definition is different.

        So, what do they call a “series” in the UK?

        • anything tbf, ranging from 6 episodes to 22+.

        • Doos

          A Royale with Cheese.

          • Matthew

            HAHA! Simply amazing.

          • Cecil


          • GeorgeM4

            Wait until you find out what they call chips…

        • stu

          Well really ‘a series’ is the correct way to define what americans call seasons. TV shows of this nature started gettin called ‘seasons’ in the US because Networks run shows during those times of the year…. The new spring season etc. and by the way its autumn not fall.

        • Sarah

          why? what does series mean in the US, then?

  • ghanima

    So they take the thingy out of Jughead- what is that?

    Juliet does not look happy at 0:22.

    • Seabiscuit

      I wouldn’t be too happy, either, if Smokey was taking me home for dinner. (though that is what it looks like to me, I could be wrong)

  • Nicole

    Someone is pointing a gun at Kate around 23 seconds.