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Sneak peek episode 6×07

By lyly ford,

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Here is the first sneak peek for the next episode, the title is a spoiler because it gives away the centric so for the people who don’t want to be spoiled, i’ll just say it’s on the Flash-Sideways

  • con_man

    darn, the preview at the end of Sundown insinuated that Ben was gonna die, & since it’s Ben-centric, well, the guy’s grown on me

    • DeSelby

      Yeah, it was almost explicit. Try replacing the name “Napoleon” with “Ben Linus” in this sneak peek and suddenly I’m holding out little hope for him.

      • Yeah, it would be nice if the little guy could stick around, but I think he is gonna be hurt. And this time I dont think he is gonna get back up. Poor guy, always getting the crap beat out of him. Someone should make a reel of that. That would be funny. Slowmo and everything.

  • Let’s see how well you speak French.

    • Iwantmykidneyback

      wait, what?

    • Arzthole

      Is that a reference to Rousseau? You lost me with that comment.

    • Huh. I actually made this comment in response to another poster complaining to Doc about Lyly Ford’s use of the English language. I was defending her. Apparently Doc removed the comment, thus making me look like a lunatic. THANKS!!

      • Russo

        Wait, so your “Let’s see how well you speak French” comment was meant to defend Lyly’s poor English writing skills? That doesn’t even make any sense as a comeback, since none of the people who commented on her poor writing are journalists for a prominent French-language site. As such, your comment was a total non-sequitor. People were rightfully complaining about how poorly edited her posts are.

  • Wow, terrific. Now we get to watch 90210 on LOST.

    I swear, these Flash Sideways FAIL so hard.

    • Funback Joe

      yeah yeah we all saw your cartoon

      • lol. Ok, sorry. I’ll lay off the Flashsideways. In fact I’ll go so far as to say Sayid’s was entertaining and more like a traditional S1 flashback.

  • jemron

    What’s interesting to me and is definitely a clue that the “sideways” timeline is fake is that all those middle-school students are paying very close attention AND taking notes!

    • I noticed they were attentive, too. Very unusual for middle-schoolers. Maybe it’s because it’s an Orange County school…

      • Wrong! I went to an Orange County middle school and I never paid attention. Where does your myth of well-behaved Orange County students come from? Because let me tell you, I grew up with a bunch of junkies and crack whores, and most of us didn’t even graduate. My best friend killed a guy.

        • SmartyGuy

          Ahh, you guys give me hope for my 14 year old…. NOT!

    • LostnNC

      If Ben Linus was your teacher, you would pay attention too.

  • julian

    ELBA- backwards is ABLE just throwin that out there

    • Martin

      Able was I ere I saw Elba.

      • Intersting clip right. Whats up, now Napolean is involved?

  • Lostylost

    Seriously ? The Flash Sideways is a waste of time.. I mean. We watched 5 SEASONS!! to see where the damn survivors get to… WE DONT NEED THIS!!!!!!!

    • Have a little faith. There is a plan with these flash-sideways. It just doesn’t make complete sense yet.

      • Well it better make sense in the end, otherwise I am gonna write them a nasty letter.

        • ManInTheShadows

          OH how scary i bet that will make them change it for lolz

          • Hey hey hey, come on now, just pointing out my concern, you dont think people will be a tad bit angry if the whole thing does not even make sense after watching the series for 6 years? Come on now. I might not actually sit down and wright a letter, but i will think twice before investing my tv watching time into ABC.

  • Senator Ackbar

    Old Benny Boy – he will probably be married to a French lady named Danielle and have a fraggle rock looking daughter named Alex, and his dear old mum will probably have never died in the phony reality.

  • LostnNC

    I find it ironic that in the ALT Ben Linus has a profession in which he is required to give answers.

    • DeSelby

      I would bet he teaches largely using the Socratic method.

      • BasiaK

        Funny! No answers, just questions. Like the series.

  • donuteyes

    why did they wait until the last season to introduce yet another storytelling device? am i the only one that is getting a little disinterested in the flash-sideways bit? just tell me about the f***ing island already. it’s been six seasons, and they still don’t want to let the audience know anything. the man in black is ‘evil incarnate’? really? wow, i didn’t assume that for myself or anything… geez… get it together!

    • BasiaK

      I’m enjoying the flash sideways.

      Not everyone is A to B, Donuteyes. Some of us like the quizical nature of the show, the “I wonder if” and “what about…” aspects of it. If I want A to B I’ll watch Law and Order.

      I like that they change it up every season, keeping us guessing. I will sooo miss this show, and exactly because they don’t stick to formula.

      • donuteyes

        i get all that, and i have immensely enjoyed all of the different techniques that the writers have employed. it just seems a little strange to change the game so drastically at the end of the show. and the pacing of the sayid flash was a little slow and boring to me. i’m waiting for there to be some relevance to them at some point…

        • Ament

          I really don’t think they’re a waste of time. Think about in “Sundown” Flocke made a promise to Sayid and guess what the flashsideways showed us…it came true. Not in the way Sayid exactly wanted but Nadia’s not dead…not his wife anymore but definately not dead. Flocke kept his promise.

          • You know I dont care if they keep with the flashes and stuff as long as it all makes sense in the end. It was a good series and it would be a shame if they choked at the end.

    • Senator Ackbar

      I felt the same way when watching season 4 with the O6 until I was able to watch the entire season on DVD without the week wait – I am growing impatient with the somewhat predictable flashes, but as a complete package it may hold up better

      • donuteyes

        but at least the O6 stuff was part of the initial ‘timeline’ with the characters as we knew them. now i’m supposed to get invested in an alternate world, while simultaneously keeping up with the original? like i said, it’s a little late in the game to change the rules again.

  • Ganiman

    Who is in the door to the classroom when the bell rings? Looks like he’s waiting for Ben. Maybe the lawyer Ben hired to spook Kate?

  • Sylvia

    Who is the man standing in the doorway at the end?

  • Adam

    It’s the Kasimir effect that Dr. Chang explained in the Dharma video. The energy released during the incident created a whole new time-line obviously but it might not have anything to do with the Island. Just like when the duplicate rabbit appeared out of nowhere and they freaked out.

  • I just want to know how the freaking statue comes into play here. I have thought of all possiable reasonings for it being there, but I cant help but think it has something to do with aliens. I mean it does seem like the Island is a device, or maybe a ship right?

  • lostfanboy16

    I like how Ben is pretty much descibeing Ben from the island timeline.

  • jacksbeard

    Wow, when have they replaced Michael Emerson for Pixar’s John Lassiter on the role of Ben Linus? John Lassiter’s looking preety good, though. lol

  • Not to keen on last weeks episode, they are making more questions, and only giving very few answers. They gotta get moving with the answers here, the season is going quick.

  • yeah i agree, if you are going to blog, then be ckear and write clear. It like talking to someone. But the whole world…

  • I am I the only one who just can’t wait till tomorrow night at 8/9c. Lost has really got my attention. I started to watch the whole series over again, which I own and you can too for wicked cheap at my page, and I am really starting to notice a lot of small things that now make sense. I forgot about a lot of the questions that they made you ask in the early part of the series. I bet anything, in the end, the only way to really understand what the island is all about, will be to literally watch it all over again, maybe even a time after that. Theres a book I found that details each characters relation with the religiouse side of this show. Some guy wrote it, but I found it and read it and it is a must read for any lost fan. Visit my page to get the link for that bad boy. I am just really excited about tom. night. I’ll be back right after the show to talk about it. See ya then.

  • My thoughts on lost

    I am a big fan of lost, and I have watched it from day one. I own all available seasons, and I have pre-ordered the complete series on dvd, to be released in August.

    I believe that lost fans are smart enough to know that not all questions will be answered. More so though, that not all questions need to be answered. As long as they answer the big ones, I think fans will be satisfied. You know the big ones like; What is the Island? Who is Jacob and the Monster? Why was the monsters mother nuts? Who will be the chosen candidate? Why them? Why not the others? Questions like these the writers are obligated to answer.

    Stupid questions like: Remember when Jack first found the caves and saw the “Adam and Eve”. He said it takes 40-50 years for cloths to degrade like that. Yet when Locke found the priest near the Nigerian plane in the woods and said it takes 5-10 years for cloths to completely degrade, he directly contradicted what Jack said. If people are looking for answers to questions like these, yes I agree with you that they will be indeed be very dissatisfied with the final results of the series and what questions they do answer. But I believe the majority of lost fans are more intelligent than that. I mean come on, this series makes you think like no other ever has, and to be able to grasp its concepts and overall feel you have to be at least a little intelligent.

    Let me just come right out and say this. The writers of lost have come out and stated in black and white, that they will not answer all the questions that we have. It is simply impossible with the short amount of time left. That’s it. They said it. So anyone reading this, still hoping for those little answers, sorry but they said no. I don’t blame them either. Answering those little question would only take away from the true meaning behind this show.

    However, I think what has kept the majority of lost fans loyal to the show, is more than just a simple bonding with its characters. It goes much, much deeper than that. This show has made us question the very essence of life itself. Regardless whether you believe in God and the Devil, Heaven and Hell, and good and evil, all viewers of this show have no choice but to question the existence of something greater than man.

    Man is and has been for quite sometime now, in a state of limbo. With the wars and the corruption, what is one to think. Even in such a time of great concern man can find a way to make us stand back, even for a moment, or 1 hour every week for 6 years, and come to grasp with reality. The writers of lost have done this, and I really hope they don’t make me eat my words by making the end of this series blow. They have made all that watch this show, stand back and take another gander at life as a whole.

    Again, its not about the characters, or even the belief or non belief in a greater power at work. Its about the journey and being able to make the choice for ourselves.

    I hold the writers of lost in high regards. They have accomplished what no other television series has ever been able to do. They brought back the what if. The is it possible. I am not preaching that there is or is not a god, I am simply stating that all that watched this show gave it another thought, and maybe, just maybe they have been effected by this show in ways they don’t even realize.

    You know, they could not have done a better job with this show either. They grabbed our attention right from the getco. They had plane smash into an island in the middle of nowhere. If that is not enough to grasp your attention, then why are you watching tv.

    I love this show and I will be online promoting it for years to come. As long as the ending does not blow, they have not only gained my loyalty in watching the show on tv, buying their DVDs, but they have also gained a friend that will stop at nothing for the cause of LOST.

    Lost has a fairly large fan base, but not big enough. We need to spread the word. There are people out there that think lost is like a survivor. They have never given the show a real chance. I am here for those people as well as those who want to chat. I have put together a massive amount of lost content and put it on my myspace pace. Everything from bloopers to deleted scenes, character biographies to episode descriptions. I have even gone through all the work of getting all the links from abc, for all the episodes from lost, seasons 1-6, and put them in my blog so people can watch any episode they want with just one click. Spread the word of LOST……

  • What if this is what lost is ultimately about?

    Well, I am not sure what is indeed locked up in that double padlocked room on the sub. Maybe Eloise, maybe Walt, maybe Jacob, who knows. When dealing with space and time, anything is possible. As far as the nuke going off on the island, I think what happened was, when it went off in the 1970’s, it killed Jacob, which in turn made it so Jacob could not visit the candidates, hence he never touched them, hence this new “Sideways” timeline.

    So because Jacob never touched anyone of them, their past present and future changed. Without the direction and guidance of Jacob, everyone is living their lives as they would have. This seems to be the most logical interpretation of the different timelines.

    Example: When Jacob touched Sawyer as a child, this made, in some way shape or form, Sawyer become a con man which ultimately led him to the Island. Without that touch, Sawyer did what he would have done on his own without corrosion from Jacob. Became a cop. Similar for the rest of the characters.

    My opinion of the outlining reason for pretty much everything, is that the writers are now showing us what the lives of the survivors would have been like if Jacob never entered their lives. This is a little complicated so bear with me here.

    So now they are living there lives “Normally“. Well maybe the reason Jacob touched these people and chose them as the candidates, is because of something that happened in their “Normal” lives, without Jacob. We are seeing that they are slowly all meeting each other. What if this is not a coincidence. What if their “Normal” lives are leading up to a event. A event where they all meet, something happens, and they all go above and beyond, risking or giving their lives for the greater good. Maybe this is why they were chosen. Maybe Jacob saw this reality, and decided to take these special people, and change their lives, because of their ultimate good nature. He clearly has been looking for someone to replace him, for quite some time now.

    This theory is a good sound one. It is a bit hard to wrap your mind around, but it is very possible. Out of all the theories and possible outcomes that I have read about, this one seems to be the most likely.
    Check out my myspace page for all sorts of lost content….

    What do you guys think?