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  • michellio

    Squirrel-baby is endlessly creepy!

  • Meg

    What did claire say at the end? “Its all I had”?

  • Scooter-T

    As I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks now – and contrary to Hurley’s worst fears: ignore the oblong-shaped skull and focus instead on the rags and furs and such . . . and it sure seems Claire’s “baby” looks like a little Ewok.

  • kaptan36

    While I do agree that this definitely was the best written and all around episode of the season, I did find one MAJOR flaw. If the flash sideways is supposed to take place in the timeline where the bomb went off, then wouldn’t Ben and his father have been blown to Kingdom Come? We know that the bomb completely sank the island, and when Jack & Crew go racing to the Swan site to detonate the bomb, Ben is still w/ the Others, and the last we see of his father Roger he shoots Sayid in Dharmaville. So unless Ben was reunited w/ Roger in the extremely small window between Roger shooting Sayid and bomb being detonated, they would still need to race to the sub to get off the island, which I’m pretty sure had already left when Dr. Chang ordered the evacuation. Does anyone else have any comments on this?

    • naultz

      Ben was never shot and taken to the temple, because in the sideways reality, Sayid never came to the island. therefore, ben and roger were together and left the island. they are probably not even aware that it sank.

      • Marc

        Actually that is incorrect. Sayid did come to the island in the sideways reality. If he hadn’t than the bomb would have never goneoff and the island would have never sunk. If the bomb did indeed go off in the sideways reality it is directly linked to the fact that our realities version of Sayid Jack Kate Hurley Miles etc were there and most likely died in the blast. It is posible the linus’s left the island prior to all that happening though, but I would think the events of the “the incident” happeneed in both realites.

        • rivum

          you are all assuming that the bomb is what caused the flash-sideways. this is only speculation, and the content of the flash-sideways actually tends to refute that (especially the ben/roger scene in last night’s show).

          be patient and wait for the writers to reveal how it all fits together. there is no way they will have “flaws” or plot continuity issues like that when we see the whole picture once the finale airs.

          • Marc

            I did say in my post “if the bomb did indeed go off in the sideways reality” so i covered that rivum..

          • naultz

            The bomb could have caused instability at the core of the island that didn’t immediatly lead to the sinking of the island, similar to a fault line.

        • Yezir68

          The bomb disrupted the time space continuum and reset the losties back to when they were on the plane from Australia to LAX. Meaning they never came to the island and the bomb was never set off, in the sideways ( alternate reality ). Its two parallel universes that will eventually collapse into one another. How do we know the bomb is what sunk the island?

    • Aarontknow

      Well, I guess the Island didn’t sink immediately after the explosion. I mean its a huge rock. Its possible it sinked at a slow rate, maybe over a day, allowing some dharma people to evac. but the question is, how did they, because the sub had already left.

      • Dominick

        In flash sideways Roger says to Ben “Imagine what you could have been if we had stayed on the island.” This indicates that they didn’t leave in a hurry from a slowly sinking island.
        They seem to believe the island is in fine shape. So either they left before the bomb which sank the island, or they left after the bomb which didn’t sink the island but before whatever did.

    • Julio Lugo

      My take: This means the bomb did not cause the timelines to split, as we were led to believe. They split much earlier for reasons we have not seen yet.

      • M

        Why is everyone assuming that the only thing our characters did in 1977 to change the timeline was the incident?

        • MacCutcheon

          good point!

    • LVI56

      The flash-sideways is what would have happened if 815 did not crash. So if 815 didn’t crash then nobody went back in 1977 to detonate the bomb. There’s no mystery in what the flash-sideways is or what caused it. Clearly, in the current reality, the bomb went off and the effect was to set the time back to where it is supposed to be (instead of there being two timelines at once, it’s back to the original). The side-ways doesn’t at all have anything to do with the island, it’s simply so we can see how the island has affected our characters in the current timeline, and propose what life would have been like had the plane not crashed. It’s a great way to put a closure on who the characters are and why they do what they do.

      • marc

        I actually really like this theory here.. perhaps the entire island universe only exists as it because they all went back in time and changed stuff ie locke telling richard about himself etc.. perhaps sideways universe is a pure universe and what would have happened if nobody ever went back in time to change everything precrash.. for isntance everything in the universe we know began developing in the flash where locke goes down the well and sawyer is left holding the rope in the ground(because that is the earliest flash i believe)… that moment leads to the entire universe that we know and love (plus all the other past interactions that were had)

      • Dominick

        This theory states that the split occurs when the plane either does or does not crash if I’m reading it correctly. But that’s not the case we have. If the differences started when 815 didn’t crash, then Ben wouldn’t be a teacher, Jack wouldn’t have a child, Locke wouldn’t still be engaged, sayid’s brother wouldn’t be married to Nadia, etc in the flash sideways.
        Clearly the alt occured sometime well before 2004 and the 815 flyover, and everything so far points to that split happening in 1977 when the bomb either did or did not detonate. We just aren’t seeing the alt timeline from 1977-2004 (though it obviously happened), we are only getting to see it from 2004 forward.

        • LVI56

          You make a good point, there must have been something that happened. I neglected to take into account that the island had been sunk. If nothing had happened, 815 would just fly over the island as it was doing and Ben among the others would still be enjoying their little chat. Plus Desmond would still be on the island. So the events of what happened in 1977 had a huge effect on the present alt-timeline.

          • dd

            No, they didn’t.

        • dd

          There is no split. It is completely separate. We are only seeing the other universe from when it is relevant to the story we know– the place and time the first episode began.

          This isn’t that tough.

  • Twitchy

    Hey, is that the SKELETON OF ALF??