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Sneak peek episode 6×15#2

By lyly ford,

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Another sneak peek for the next episode

  • s.w.a.c.

    My YouTube freeze-frame skills aren’t the greatest, but I’ll be danged if the mysterious pig-stickers don’t look somewhat like Locke (seen through the leaves), Jack and Sawyer.

    Or maybe that’s what they WANT us to think.

    • Drew Lancor

      Naah. I just checked, and it’s definitely not them.

      • The Mantis

        Hasn’t it already been established that there are NO regular cast members in this episode? That would mean that they are NOT Jack or Sawyer.

        • s.w.a.c.

          One of the Lost blogs said that wasn’t entirely true. I think it was quoting something that was posted on the E! Online site.

          Ah, it was at The ODI. You can scroll down to Across the Sea: What to Expect if you like:

          I won’t quote the post here to avoid spoiler-ing, but you can click on the link and read what they have (it’s not *that* revealing).

          • Robyn

            Watch with Kristin on Eonline also had posted the same thing. It really isn’t that revealing, but interesting.

  • John

    I don’t think it’s them, judging by the clothes, armbands, etc, that they’re wearing.

    • s.w.a.c.

      I should have said that I wasn’t convinced it was them either, but that it seemed (or the clip was designed so we’d think) there were similarities. But if it was them, thrust back in time a few centuries, they probably wouldn’t be wearing jeans and cotton shirts after a few more years in the jungle.

  • preztige

    that’s who I saw. I saw Jack and Sawyer

    • The Mantis

      Nope. You didn’t. Just go to IMDB, it confirms that there are NO regular cast members in “Across the Sea”.

      • s.w.a.c.

        The IMDb entry doesn’t mention Allison Janney either. Or at least, not yet. (And Emilie/Claire doesn’t get a “credit only” rating either.)

        • Robyn

          Allison Janney is now listed (although without any character name attached) and Emilie’s entry now says “credit only” like the rest of the cast.

  • Richard

    A young Jacob and MiB, no?

    • julian

      most likely Richard

      • joshua

        Richard was old when he got to the island. And smokey was older too. That doesn’t make sense.

        • joshua

          Ah… ok yea im an idiot.

          • Kathy

            And you knew smokey was older when he came to island how? have you time travelled to wednesday and already viewed Tuesday’s ep???!!?!

  • adam118

    Smokey’s about to kill the barbarians or w/e. At least, I hear all his sounds starting about when the piggy dies. The “chicka chicka” sounds. MIB might not be the original Smokey O_o

    • Matthew Perry

      Yeah, I DEFINITELY hear the Monster.

    • julian

      I can hear it, but it is very faint…could just be bird noises or simple background filler

    • MIB Pants

      you guys are trippin’. if you can hear the smoke monster in this scene then I’d like to know when you CAN’T hear it, in the first 5.75 seasons.

  • ErasedSlate

    Anyone wanna venture a guess that the boar hunters are the ones who built Tawaret?

    • The Magician

      These guys don’t look very Egyptian to me.

      • gloss

        Yeah, they don’t walk sideways in profile or anything.

    • Robyn

      Just a brief glimpse but their clothing reminded me of Atilla the Hun.

  • imfromthefuture

    You know who sucks? People who answer uninformed yet fun speculation with informed, spoilerish answers, from sites like imdb and E Online.

    Yes people, everyone knows how to use the internet and seek out answers like these, not everyone wants to. Try to keep that shit out of the comments section.

    You may begin screaming at me anytime that I should expect to read stuff like this in a preview clip post/ or that this stuff is not technically spoilers, but with three episodes left I’ll answer; Fuck You…

    • ErasedSlate

      Maybe I am missing something, but i don’t see anything particularly spoilerish more than the clip itself. I have been very cautious recently and have even removed or edited comments that may have been spoilery.

      My biggest fear is a repeat of an angry, bitter person that just wants to ruin the experience for the fans.

      • imfromthefuture

        Let me just make sure you understand Erased Slate.. that i was not talking about the clip.. the clip is great.. its fine.. and your awesome for posting more concerned about the imdb and eonline info from commenters which i rather not see.. i prefer to be intrigued by the clip as meaningless as it will probably end up being to the overall episode without having commenters tell me flat out what it is about.. personally ive learned my lesson in the pastand have learned how to look at the comment sectiosn with my eyes out of focus so i dont read stuff like that.. but i still felt like commenting on how i hate it..

        also i was in a bad mood last night so tahts where the fuck you to everyone came from lol

        • ErasedSlate

          for the record, lyly posted this clip. And, I hear you. I am trying to keep my eye out. I went back and read the season 3 finale discussions that were archived, where people posted the ending in the comments for the purpose of ruining the experience for the average fan.

          I remember the anger that surrounded the event and the attempt to deflect the commentors to limit the damage done. But, once it got out there, there was no pulling it back.

          In the following years, the fear of ruiners like that even caused some sites to close all of the comments. So, unfocusing the eyes while reading comments is a good piece of advice.

          • imfromthefuture

            Yes its definetly becoming very dangerous to read below to the comments.. I feel like I was one of the few who went unspoiled for the season 3 finale because i was in Europe at the time, i watched it unspoiled when i returned and to me that episode is the best 90 minutes of television ever created.. so i def dont want that happening to me .. i did go on a drinking binge though in an attempt to be like jack for aabout a month after so maybe it wasnt all good.

          • s.w.a.c.

            First off, I apologize if I posted anything spoiler-ish, I suppose saying “that’s not necessarily true” based on something I read elsewhere (and didn’t quote, but instead posted a link to, so you’d have to willingly go and read it) could be taken that way, but it wasn’t intended to reveal anything or ruin anyone else’s anticipation of the next ep.

            As for the IMDb thing, I was just pointing out how their listings aren’t always accurate, noting that Allison Janney isn’t listed as a cast member for the episode, when according to the clip that’s been posted she so obviously is (which also indicates that the Emilie/Claire listing could also be/probably is a typo of some sort as well).

            I’ll ignore the fact that this particular post is tagged “Lost Spoilers” and try to stick to random comments and unfounded speculation in the future (what’s left of it), and leave outside information where I found it.

    • adam118

      Yeah, totally. It’s like “Oh wow, I wonder what that clip is about?” and then someone just goes “Oh, this is what it was about” and it’s like “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I wanna speculate that that was Elric(?) from True Blood when he was a barbarian before he was turned into a vampire by Godric! Godric ruled. I actually expeced Jacob to act kind of like him.

      My other guess is that they time traveled to a taping of Hercules and Xena and the boys got a behind the scenes sneak peek.

      Bill from True Blood rules. Blue collar immortals kick ass.

    • andrejs

      You’re the one from the future. It seems like you should the answer.

  • adam118

    IF there is an appearance by 3 main characters, I’m going to guess that the episode starts with Hurley, Jack, and Kate regrouping before we go way way WAY down the rabbit hole to learn the answer to:
    “Yo, Jake…wuddup wit dat?”

  • adam118

    if that blonde kid could lip sync, he’d make more money than that Justin Bieber.

  • YouIs

    Mib and Jacob

  • Levi

    This particular clip has me thinking we’re going to learn who The Others really are and what their real purpose is.

    I’m also beginning to think MIB was the victim of experiments with electromagnetism and that is what has caused him to be able to take the smoke form.

    • s.w.a.c.

      I’m also looking forward to getting to the root of who the original Others really are (or were). I wish it had come sooner (before so many of them had been killed off), but I suppose there’s not much mystery in that.

      I’ve also wondered about the relationship (if any) between Smokey and the Island’s special magnetic properties. I don’t know about experiments with electromagnetism though, aren’t there ancient drawings of him that would predate that sort of thing?

    • The Magician

      I don’t think these guys are the Others; I’m sure the ‘others’ were formed once Richard was made Jacob’s spokesperson.

  • dan

    personally, i don’t see how it could be Jack, just doesn’t look like him even through the reeds… but that definitely looks like Sawyer stickin’ it to the boar.

  • Toots

    They never said it was going to be three major cast members, just three “regular” cast members.

    It’s going to be Cindy the flight attendant and the two kids she’s been toting around since season 2ish 3ish. I think we first saw the three of them together in season 3 outside of the cages on hydra island. Damon and Carlton said the 3 regular characters that make an appearance will let us know that they’ve had a plan regarding the story arc the entire time. But remember, the original intention with Jack’s character – as has been stated multiple interviews with the cast and crew – was to kill him off in the pilot episode and Kate was supposed to be the hero of the show. I think they wanted Michael Keaton to guest star as Jack and kill off such a major character/actor to blow the audience’s mind. If they didn’t even have definitive plans regarding Jack and Kate, then why would they hinge the show’s entire mythology on any other major characters?

    Think about it even more though, “Across the Sea” can’t involve any major characters like Jack, Sawyer, or Locke. That’s way too much of a stretch. They’ve already tried to blow our minds by showing Sawyer and Co. as well as the Oceanic 6 in the 1970s Dharma photos. Why take it a step further and show some of them in ancient times? Plus if you pause the preview around the 32 second and 33 second marks you can get glimpses of two of their faces and it’s clear enough to conclude with certainty that two of the three men are NOT Jack, Sawyer, Locke, or anyone else we know. The three dudes in the preview are probably three non-essential characters we’ve never seen before. Part of the episode’s appeal and impact is that it deals entirely with the Island’s history, not any of the main cast. Sawyer or Jack popping into Richard’s flashback (as so many clueless fans theorized) would have detracted from the experiences of finally getting the answers behind such a mysterious yet significant character. Any major characters popping into the Island’s flashback would detract from the episode’s significance as well.

    Cindy and those two kids have been floating around without explanation for way too long – Cindy since the pilot episode. They have made just enough appearances throughout the show’s run to remind us of a supposed significance but they’ve barely eluded to what that significance might be. They’ll be the big reveal in “Across the Sea” and I’ll wager anything on that.

    • dan

      No chance… Cindy and the 2 kids aren’t regular cast members. Guest stars. And
      they’re not on the cast list in the ABC press release.

  • illegibleg

    MiB and Jacob, for sheezy. I anticipate an origin explanation. Yay!

  • The Magician

    After studying the clips (and checking an ultra slow-mo version) numerous times, I DO think it is Jack and Sawyer…. however, I don’t think this will be addressed in the show, and was added simply as an easter egg/ to get people talking. If that is the case, it has definitely succeeded.

    There may be amore cynical reason for their appearance though; I’ve read on a forum (I think it was Lostpedia) that Jack (the highest paid member on the show) is contractually obliged to appear in every episode of season 6, even if it is for a fleeting moment. I’m pretty sure it was in Happily Ever After, where we literally see him for all of two seconds in the hospital.

    Of course I could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be at all surprise if Darlton reveal that Fox and Holloway were used as extras in this clip.

    • Toots

      It’s very clearly not Jack or Sawyer if you pause the video. One dude’s face is obscured the whole time but he doesn’t have any tattoos on his arm where Jack would have his ‘5’ tattoo.

      • Kathy

        1. Jack wouldn’t have tattoos if this is supposed to be a member of Jack’s family and not actually Jack himself – the tats are the character’s not the actor’s.

        • Toots

          Matthew Fox playing an ancestor to Jack? That would be incredibly lame and stupidly contrived.

  • slagger

    This theory is based on the two sneak previews from Lost episode 6×15. I assume that the persons we see in this clip is really Jack, Sawyer and probably the rest of the candidates too. I also assume that these two kids are Jacob and the smokemonster (before he became it) and that they are brothers.

    For some reason the candidates manage to travel back in time (probably with the help of Desmond) and end up in old times. What I think happens there is that they do something they shouldn’t have done. I think that one of the candidates accidentally kills smokeys mother. Smokey observes these people in the jungle and knows that one of these people have done it but he don’t know witch one.

    This explains the rules “the island” have set for the smokemonster. He cant kill the candidates. The real candidates are the people that travel to the past and into the childhood of the smokemonster. We are told so many times that “what happened happened”. These people are already been in the smokemonsters past so he cant kill them before they have been there. But I believe the smokemonster don’t want the candidates to do what they did in the past and tries to stop them from making that happen in the present before they travel back in time. Jacob knows that there is nothing you can do to stop this, but smokey don’t want to accept that.

    Smokey and Jacob got the ability to live “forever”. What if the reason the candidates accidentally killed the mother is electromagnetically related. The same accident that gives smokey and Jacob their powers. Smokey wants revenge, but Jacob accepts the reality and realizes that “dead is dead” and wows his life of making things unfold so that “what happened happens”. We have seen this before. It is what happened to Eloise Hawking. She had to help her son Daniel Faraday grow up to be the man that she accidentally kills in the past. “What happened happen”.

    But what does smokey means by getting to leave the island and “go home” if he kills the candidates? If he kills them he changes the past and stops them from killing his mother and making him the monster he is today. If that never happened he wold have lived a normal life in the past and die a normal death.
    But how will Lost end? What if the sideways world is the alternate reality that would happen if the candidates never traveled back in time and made smokey become what he is. There is a time traveling problem here. Because this have happened so you cant change what have happened. But by blowing up the nuclear bomb they change things and never did go back in time making smokey. With no smokey and
    Jacob, no manipulation of getting them to the island.

    But what about how the sideways world losties are getting memories of the original time-line? I don’t really know how that is going to play out. Maybe the original time-line can get the knowledge from the alternative time-line that smokey have managed to do what he planed and that he know can rest and accept reality as it is?

    • s.w.a.c.

      Now this is intriguing. Smokey’s mother supposedly went crazy, so can we assume that she got “the sickness” just like Rousseau’s team, Claire, Sayid and so on? And that somehow one of the candidates may have caused her death, even inadvertently or in self defense? Maybe when a candidate takes Jacob’s place, they take his place in the past as well as the present and future?

      I hadn’t thought about Smokey wanting to kill the candidates because of something in the past as well as the threat Jacob’s successor might provide in the future, but if it pans out, tomorrow would be the night they explain it.

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