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Soundbite Damon and Carlton BIG TEASERS for episode 6×06

By lyly ford,

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it’s REALLY spoilers, darlton teased a lot the next episode you’ve been warned !

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  • Charlie’s Ghost

    i don’t know if i’ll even watch this. their last sound bite for 6×5 said mysteries would be revealed in that episode and i can’t recalled any mysteries being revealed. am i forgetting something? point being, i don’t think Darlton knows what they’re talking about..haha.

    • neoloki

      The numbers were further explained.

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        how were they further explained than the ep before? that they are assigned to people? we knew that already. that they were on circular grid? ok, but that doesn’t solve any mysteries like darlton promised in their soundbite.

        • Partly validates what MIB told Sawyer. Also validated “candidates” as well.

          • Charlie’s Ghost

            the ep validated things, but those things were originally revealed previously. the point was that no major mystery was revealed.

    • Ughhh. What’s up with all of these people who claim to be fans that keep bashing LOST? They’ve been popping up all over the place ever since 601. This particular comment isn’t too bad compared to what I’ve seen on I think it’s two or three people with a bunch of usernames. They keep getting angry that every episode isn’t a 1 hour Q&A session.

      The whole point of this season is that they are tying together a bunch of loose ends so it is much more easy and natural to answer the fundamental questions that make up LOST. Sometimes it’s just best to let things play out as they were intended. This is an excellent example of one of those times. We still have 13 hours of programming left. Your questions WILL be answered. Just enjoy the show. Three months from now, as we are all watching the entire series again, we’ll look back and think, “Woh… It all makes sense. It’s over. There is no more LOST. I don’t have any questions left to ponder around.”

      • Mike

        The mystery of what is up with Claire was explained – I am disturbed by the fact that I think crazy claire with crazy eyes was even hotter than regular claire with normal eyes LOL.

      • Charlie’s Ghost

        i’m a diehard fan, but that doesn’t mean i have to love every ep and every word that comes out of Darlton’s mouth. criticism is ok. indpendently, the ep was great. BUT, compared to what Darlton said in the soundbites prior, it didn’t stack up. they just might have gotten excited over solved mysteries that weren’t really solved during the ep.

        • I don’t really understand it either SteveJobs. I think a lot of people either caught up on the show, or are just watching it since being away, and think they’re going to get something totally different. This season is LOST as it’s always been, and a lot of people are upset that the whole thing isn’t an answer fest.

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      love that you immediately go to name calling. just wait till recess…

      seriously though, if there were subtle answers, what were they? the numbers weren’t anymore explained this week than they were last week. don’t get me wrong, i love the show, love the writers, etc, but i just think that Darlton fed us some fluff prior to this week’s ep. now, you can resume with your name calling…

      • Madge

        You can’t really expect maturity from someone who calls themself Fart Monster can you?

        I think they have explained a lot as far as the numbers go. They’re not just random numbers, we now know they each represent a Lostie who’s important to the future of the island somehow. And they seem to be the last ones, for this go round at least.

  • 108

    Cool! Vampires!!

    • Were they serious!?!

      Oh great ANOTHER f&*#ing question!!!!

  • Madge

    I can’t get this video to play here or on Youtube. What gives? Can anyone relate what was said?

    • Josh

      Flocke shows up at the Temple.
      Sayid shows his true nature.
      Flocke gives the people at the Temple an ultimatum to get out by ‘Sundown’. Sundown is also a metaphor for the rise of darkness.
      Joke about ripping off Twilight.
      Joke about how vampire lovers will love this episode.

      • Madge

        Oooh, interesting. I’m not a Twilight fan but the vampire thing is really intriguing. Thank you! Can’t wait for sundown.

  • spacebender

    The “Darlton” is always so hilarious! I enjoy hearing them.

    Episode 6×06 sounds like it’s going to be a bit disturbing (like “The Economist” from S4), yet profound. I’m so looking forward to it!

  • Charlotte K

    Skeptical…. So far the episodes have paralleled Season One. If that continues, this episode will focus on SUN. On the other hand, maybe that’s the trick they are pulling–making me think that it WILL be about Sun.

  • I wonder what the term “Sundown” has to do with Sayid’s flash-sideways. On the Island, it’s an ultimatum of death, and an allusion to Sayid becoming a beast. It has to have an off-Island meaning that is also destructive or filled with loss, right?

    Poor Nadia. Not again.

  • lostinlost

    In one of the promo’s for tonight, you see Sayid getting out of a cab and going up to Nadia’s house. He is bringing her flowers as if he is just visiting. She greets him at the door with a big hug and it is very evident that she is weating a wedding ring…but I don’t think she is married to Sayid!

  • lostinlost

    Could Sundown have anthing to do with Sun?

  • I adore Twilight! I can barely wait for Twilight Eclipse! I’m so infatuated with taylor, lol.
    I still believe that the first movie was better, but New Moon certainly wins in eye candy lol

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