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SPOILER – Doc Speaks With Matthew Abaddon, and Lives to Tell About it

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Minor spoiler warning!  I had the opportunity to speak with Lance Reddick last week, primarily about FOX’s Fringe, but as you can guess I couldn’t resist chatting with Lance about LOST a little bit.  Lance was very honorable and didn’t spill a single surprise concerning his recent work on the island, but he did tell me a bit about his character’s beliefs that may, or may not, be telling.  The full interview runs tomorrow and does contain some of of Lance’s musings from the LOST set and lots of fringe!  Here’s what Lance had to say about Matthew Abaddon:

I mean the truth is I don’t know any of that stuff.  What I will say about my character on lost is that he believes in what he’s doing, he doesn’t think he’s a bad guy.

And there you have it. Is it in the sense that Ben doesn’t think he is a bad guy either?  Who knows.  Keep in mind that while that comparison is valid from the point of the writing and the ambiguity writers can create, this is Lance’s impression with what he knows of the characters.  I tend to think Lance’s sense of good guy and bad guy may be a little sharper in contrast than Darlton’s.