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Spoiler—SEASON 5 preview Trailer

By theMachine,

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Ms. Dee found this trailer, online, so kudos to her!!!(Great work ms. Dee!) Here is the link…


it is mostly scenes from past eps, but is very well done, and looks like there is some new scenes too… makes me crazy thinking I have to wait until January! Once again thanx Ms. Dee!!!

  • Deesz

    Yes, but I do see some things I haven’t seen before.. So maybe it’s a fan with some scenes no-one else has yet, or it just looks like it’s fan made.. I don’t know, but I d

  • cjones416

    yeah thats definently fan made.

    very solid edit. good music choice.
    very well done, kudos to that!

    BUT, not real, the footage of the plane flying, and the footage of the aztec temple are totally different and look much different.

  • cjones416

    also to make a few notes.

    as stated, the CTV and ABC HD logos are in the corners. as well as flip flopping from side to side, because whoever edited it, reversed the shots, which ABC wouldn’t do, espeially if you catch any text in there. thats a big no no when editing. especially since the logos were backwards as well.

    half way through the video when richard is talking to locke, you can hear the music from what sounds like a PREVIOUS trailer playing lightly under it, which also wouldn’t fly with ABC or CTV.

    shots like the one with penny talking to widmore, CLEARLY don’t go together, sicne that was from when he took the picture with penny.

    and also, as i said before,

    the volcano, plane, and aztec temple are completely different footage, clearly not any sort of HD or the same compressions rates.

    but none the less, don’t get me wrong.
    solid edit. still made me excited.

  • theMachine

    Yeah its fan made, but I liked it, and It looked like they were deleted scenes…Cant wait

  • rob

    bummer, i was hoping for something new.

  • Ben

    Fan Made
    Nothing new,include “Fringe” scenes

  • docarzt

    Yip. Fan made. But enjoyable.

  • Dan

    The “new” scenes were all from other sources. For example, the Abaddon clip is actually from Fringe on FOX, discounting the whole thing, and the temple was obviously not from Lost. It is very well put together though.

  • theMachine

    sorry folks…. tried but no cigar….

  • joeblow

    doc, at least acknowledge that you made a mistake and there is ZERO new footage, just old footage rearranged (and edited in with stock footage) to make it look like season 5 scenes.

  • Locke_is_Irish

    I think the scene with the plane is from the movie Pearl Harbour

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