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Spoiler Warning – 1/20/09 – Behind the Scenes Filming of LOST 5.04

By docarzt,

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Here is some official behind the scenes footage of filming for LOST 5.04. Beware, there are spoilers in this clip.

Source: ABC

  • DarthVibbert

    …very cool, thank you Doc… but where’s Hurley? :-/ hmmmm….

  • docarzt

    You’ll have the answer to that question in the second hour of tomorrow’s premiere. 😉

    • DarthVibbert

      I can’t wait

  • enry

    why does the sound cut out at some points? can you tell us what was being said during those periods? thanks!

  • Neat! I saw them setting up for this scene in October:

  • grabbypaws

    This is some really cool stuff! Thanks, Doc.
    Hehe, though, I believe the Kate-Ben convo was deliberately muted 🙂

  • To me, this is the coolest footage to see besides the final cut of the show. I go to film school and LOVE seeing raw set footage like this. Not PR fluff that gets put on DVDs. Thank so much for the clip!

  • what sun said in korean ?
    doc there is no other way to see the vid, it took me “hours”, i dunno but i’ve always issue with those kind of vids 🙁
    thanks anyways 🙂 very interesting !

  • Paul

    Sun says in Korean,
    “Hello? I am still in L.A. The work is staying long than I thought. Mommy found and met a friend in America to introduce for Ji Yeon. His name is Aaron.”

  • Jim

    wow, are adam and eve arron and ji yeon??? no babies could be born on the island and yet aaron was born there. nobody would stay pregnant as long as sun did with ji yeon. does the island have something planned for these two in the grand sceme of things???

    • BAK2530

      Alex was born on the island, and Sun got off the island before the point of her pregnancy where she would get sick

  • themachine

    i think it was purposely muted as well, as I think they were talking aboutAaron and his roleon the island!!!

  • Cosmic

    I could hear part of what Ben said to Kate. She said “Leave me and my son alone” and it sounded as if he said “He’s not your son Kate”.

    Whoa! Is Sun going to steal Aaron?