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Spoilers of upcoming episodes

By lyly ford,

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thanks andy (Darkufo) for those spoilers very very interesting 🙂

Hurley – Chef (zing!)
Miles – Security
Jin – Security
Sawyer – as LaFleur – head of security
Jack – Workman (ouch!)

Horace’s suit once again reads Mathematician and has the Arrow logo on his suit.

Also present is as part of this Dharma group is Patrick Fischler (who rocked in Mad Men) as Phil, part of the security team.

Kate and Juliet don’t get their own jumpsuits. =(

chef security

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  • hyperRevue

    So, the 6 get back to the Island in the past and become part of Dharma?

    And…Jin is alive?!?!

  • hyperRevue

    RE: Jin being alive.

    My first thought was that maybe he was “in the perimeter” and is time traveling with the Island. But after the first flash Sawyer and Juliette say the boat disappeared (meaning it didn’t go with them). Maybe Jin got blasted into the “perimeter” but that’s kind of ridiculous.

    So, what ever happened to the freighter? The 6 crashed into the water and floated on a life raft until Penny found them, but we never saw what became of the freighter wreckage.

  • RichPundit

    Perhaps Ben’s plan is to have our Oceanic 6 return to our Island by covertly joining Dharma, then further infiltrate Dharma with our Left Behind LOSTIES, all in the past – RichPundit

  • Tyler Cheman aka Lostfan716

    dude, i can’t wait till Jin is back, i thought i saw a glimse of him in the preview with his hands over his face, I had a feeling his story wasnt over 🙂

  • Jason

    He doesnt necessaily have to been blown off the freighter that far but he could have been swimming toward the Island or drifting on something toward the Island and was in the radius like Faraday and the rest of the boat.