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The Final ‘Missing Pieces’ – So It Begins – Did they Save the Best for Last?

By docarzt,

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Wow, so what could this mean? It could mean a couple of things. Probably the least likely is that Vincent the Dog is suffering a delusion. This was clearly from his perspective up to a point, but once he found Christian it was all third person omniscient.

Which means, exactly what? It could be either that Christian’s spirit is on the island, or something that really thinks it is Christian’s spirit.

I have to tell you from a writer’s perspective that having the ghosts of characters running around usually deadens the emotional impact of the story, unless they are the lead character’s such as in Ghost. It would be more effective to have beings that have somehow absorb the essence of a person so completely that they seem to be that person and even carry on the emotional relationships. Why? Because in the end, we want a human conclusion, and the most dramatic part of being human is learning to deal with the connections that are ‘Lost’ when our loved ones depart from this world.

There is too much “make your own luck” in Lost to allow for our characters to somehow eventually be reunited with their deceased loved ones on this plane of existence. Besides, that is at least partially what is motivating one character, Ben, and the last thing Lost does is deliver the ‘expected.’

So with that comes a prediction. Ben’s mother will be revealed as being buried on the island. It would be the only way to explain whatever force is representing her as being there. Or, of course, I’m wrong. Which is also pretty darn likely.