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The 3 episodes to re-watch before watching “Jughead”

By Tapdawg,

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Spoiler Alert

Hey guys, Tapdawg here!

This is going to be just a quick post…but I was able to watch episode 5X03, “Jughead” recently and similar to Docarzt, I don’t like to dish out the spoilers. However, I thought it would be good idea to give you three key episodes to re-watch before watching 5X03 that way you are up to speed when you watch “Jughead”.

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Episode 4X05 — “The Constant”

I know this episode was also referred for the premiere, but a lot of what takes place in “The Constant” comes up again in this episode. It might be a good idea to refresh your mind on the scenes between Daniel and Desmond.

Episode 4X09 — “The Shape of Things to Come”

The Ben/Widmore scene at the end of this episode is the key here. You’ll understand their conversation somewhat better after watching “Jughead”.

Episode 4X11 — “Cabin Fever”

Similar to the Ben/Widmore scene mentioned above, the Locke/Alpert scene is further understood after watching this episode.

Yes, I know not too spoilery… but I thought it might be a nice treat to have to hold you over until this Wednesday. Enjoy!