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Thoughts and Observations on the Return of LOST (SPOILER WARNING)

By docarzt,

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Well, I’m back in the place I like to be with LOST:  I have no idea what is going to happen!  My lead on the season is gone, completely, and the break neck speed of post-strike production has really limited the spoiler growth cycle, beyond the reports filtering in from the island itself.  So with my renewed cluelessness, how about a few spoiler enhanced predictions.

Shape of Things to Come – April 24

ABC Says: “”The Shape of Things to Come” – Locke’s camp comes under attack, and Jack tries to discover the identity of a body that has washed ashore, on “Lost.”

Doc Says:  Written by Brian K. Vaughan and Drew Goddard?  I’m in! Given the sensibilities of these two writers, I’d expect expert handling of the character elements WITHIN the action sequences; also two of the best imaginations when it comes to surreal and unexpected denouements. Look for a bizarre ‘fade to color’ moment.  Here’s what I expect to see:
Ben somehow unleashes smokey who then kills Keamy (Kevin Durand) and chases off the rest of the baddies.

Flash-forward sequences will feature future Ben Linus going all over the place and interacting with different folks, including Charles Widmore (Alan Dale is in the cast.)  The kick?  He returns to the present day island. Why?  Foundation work for the elimination of the flashes.
The body on the beach.  I can’t comment because I actually know who the body is (has it been released anywhere already?), but I will say this.  If there is a common factor between my Ben Linus predictions and the less interesting detective Jack story it will be that time is a factor.

Something Nice Back Home – May 1

ABC Says “When Jack’s health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must learn to work together in order to save him; and something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek away from Locke’s camp and back to the beach.”

Doc Says: The always reliable Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz are here to bring the personal touch.  These guys have done some of the best character centric eps.  

Jack in peril. Poo. I’m with the “let the grouch die” side of things, but since we know he goes on to look a lot like a late 60’s GI Joe doll (action figure’s don’t cry) we know that won’t happen.  It’s a bit late to use the “what if one of them got appendicitis?” ploy (which would have been great in season one), isn’t it?  So let’s hope that is not the case.

Cabin Fever – May 8

ABC Says “Locke is enlightened as to the whereabouts of Jacob’s cabin, and life aboard the freighter becomes perilous.”

Doc Says: This is the ‘noob’ episode.  Shows are, correct me if I’m wrong, required to employ a first time writer at some point durin their season, and this is it. Elizabeth Sarnoff, not a noob, writes with first timer Kyle Pennington.   If Pennington is using this opportunity like us unemployed writers would, he left the process with a gaping hole burnt in his midriff from the intensity of the fire in his belly.   What I expect:

John Locke flashback?  Alpert in it? WTF?  The question is, as with Shape of Things to Come, is Alpert there because he time traveled there, and if so from what time?  The return of Jacob’s cabin is almost as interesting as the appearance of Matthew Abaddon.  Abaddon will either be in the flash back, or in present day island.  Interesting stuff.

  • chromaticblues

    It is already released who the body on the shore is. I guess it I read it on Lostpedia. Need to check where they’ve got the information from. But I’m pretty sure, that the info is right.

  • graham

    Interesting theories!
    Yes, episode 9 sounds exciting! War scenes! It’s not going to be “Apocalypse Now “, but, definitely cool stuff!
    And I want to know what the hell they are going to tell us about Locke in episode 11. But I think that the info will complicate too much everything!(and I need Locke to keep on having a proper storyline! not a soap opera-like twist!).

    And about episode 10, I’m confused after the sneek peaks, the soooo “interesting?” plot about a sick Jack, is in two episodes???

  • Henry Holland

    Why? Foundation work for the elimination of the flashes

    Excellent! Luckily, most of the original cast is done with flashbacks; I hope John’s somehow ties in to the Oceanic 815 people being “destined” to be on The Island, otherwise, seeing John’s sad life as a kid? Zzzzzz.

    I don’t like the flashforwards at all, and Jack’s illness is a perfect example: now that we know he gets off the Island, there’s no tension about his situation. That was one of the really cool things about the pre-flashfoward days, there always was a possibility of any one of the characters dying. Now, not so much.

    It’ll be great to see Richard Alpert again. Will we see the Four Toed Statue soon?

    Can’t wait for Thursday. Go Ben!

  • downthehatch

    Season FInale: There’s No place like home. My theory is that we’ll see them get off the island as well as either going back to the island or deciding they are going to do so. It would be cool if the episode was shown flashing back and forth with these two scenarios. The end scene could be “The Speech tot he Press” about what happened and them arriving to the island in the future. Maybe there would be a huge reveal at that moment when they reach the island again.

  • Evan

    You got a link for the identity of the body on Lostpedia?

  • chromaticblues

    You once could found it here:
    But since the episode already aired, it has been removed.