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Time for a new Asterisks Clue

By docarzt,

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Here is another puzzle for you to ponder, this time the result is an actual piece of plot info from LOST season 5. I would not say it is an especially ‘integral’ part of the LOST plot, but it is a fun one – and for that reason I’m not going to be as giving with the hints. You guys will have to suss this out on your own.

S***** **** * **w ***r* **** **** *******.

  • sawyer lol after i dunno lol

  • Jesse

    Is it “Sawyer gets a new shirt from Neil Frogurt”?

    • professorstotch

      This officially wins the award for “Best fitting answer to an asterisk puzzle that is unfortunately not likely going to be the answer.”

      It’s amazing how perfect it is though, I hope it wins.

  • NOTZoriah
  • CerberusVenting

    Zoriah,why did you spoil the opening scene in a non spoiler thread, you just ruined the suprise i have been waiting 7 months for, please don’t put spoilers in the comments, thanks

  • docarzt

    Now, now… Anish Sadanandan aka Zoriah, whose real email address is – are you getting revenge for that whole darkufo thing? Or trying to? Let’s just see if you are a member there, shall we?

    • CerberusVenting

      was there a DarkUFO/DocArzt battle i was unaware of?

      • docarzt

        nah it’s not a darkufo/docarzt battle…. it is a darkufo/somebody else battle… the person he is pretending to be.

        • Zoriah

          That is most definitely not me. Someone is impersonating me Doc, and maybe trying to stir trouble. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I assure you have have not posted a comment here recently.

          • Eileen

            Doc: I googled that name. You might want to check out this website:


            Anish Sadanandan’s name appears at the bottom of the page. I can assure you the real Zoriah has no connection to Northeastern University. Someone is making mischief in a nasty way if they are willing to post spoilers where they don’t belong.

          • docarzt

            I believe you. Don’t worry about it. The person is obviously a trouble maker – unfortunately, they are not as good at covering their tracks as they would like to think they are.

  • MJ

    Wow. I came to play the asterisk game and got some extra credit drama. nice.
    back to the game

  • MJ

    Sawyer made a new shirt with palm leaves.

  • Zack M.

    i think jesse’s one about neil frogurt is the best
    is that right doc?

  • MJ

    Sawyer has a few scary nick name moments.

  • MJ

    Sawyer gets a few stars from used glasses.

  • MJ

    Sawyer pets a new hairy boar with wingtips.

    HELP!!!!!!!!! Anything correct yet?

  • Colls

    Sawyer gets a new flirt girl this season5?

    Haha I think we need another letter Doc!

  • professorstotch

    Is there punctuation that may be missing?

    Season five, I saw tiara stop sucking…

    And that’s just random words…

  • Varrn

    Season five: A new story will **** *******. Cant get the rest, just saw season 5 fit and nobody saw that.

  • Seat23G

    Okay – what about this….

    Sawyer gets a new story line with Season5…?

  • Seat23G

    Or what about…

    Sawyer gets a new story line with Faraday…?

    • professorstotch

      Or Frogurt…

      • professorstotch


        • professorstotch

          Other names that could fit at the end…

          Straume (Miles)

  • John Hancock

    Sawyer puts a few beers down that stomach.

  • John Hancock

    Sawyer lugs a cow heart down four valleys.

  • John Hancock

    Sawyer dons a new beard well past midnite.

  • John Hancock

    Sawyer taps a sow apart from that nothing.

  • DoooooD

    Sawyer uses a bow ***r* **** **** *******.

  • graham

    Do we even know if that first word is Sawyer?
    I’m terrible at this games.

    OT: Doc, is there a way to don’t have to write name and e-mail here, once I am logged in at the forums???

    • professorstotch

      I believe you have to register on the site and the forums separately. I just used the same log in info I used for the forums.

      • graham


  • dharmalchemist

    Sawyer buys a new heart from faraday

  • professorstotch

    I hope in all this spoiler talk, our asterisk puzzle hasn’t been brushed aside…

  • numbersarebad

    Sawyer gets a few hours with Swan Station.
    Sawyer sees a few scary four toed statues.
    Sawyer eats a few boars with tail section.
    Sawyer shot a few bears with evil monster.
    Sawyer gets a few fairy tale like moments.
    Sawyer sobs a few hours when Kate returns.
    Sawyer sobs a few hours when Walt returns.
    Sawyer gets a new story line with Bentham.

  • Lottery Ticket

    Sawyer gets a new poetry book from Goodwin.

  • XmasDVD

    My Guess –> All your bases are belong to us

  • Name

    Are any of us close in any way

  • Eileen

    Since a new clue is up was this one solved?

  • 23G

    We don’t know if this one is a confirmed solve or not.

    I emailed Doc to ask him about this – I think it got lost in all of the posting troublemakers.

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