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TV Guide Cover Story Reveals LOST Season 5 Hints and Spoilers

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Thanks to for the images and Leah_Kate at Fish Biscuit Land for the transcripts. TVGuide’s upcoming cover story on LOST packs some very interesting intel, sure to spark a lot of discussion amongst LOST fans. For sure this is the best collection of thought provoking spoilers and hints so far – if your head doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode after this one, you’re just not a fan.  Beware, there are spoilers.

scan00081“…and what of Kate’s other star-crossed love, the sexy con-man Sawyer? “Just two nights ago, I was doing a scene on a patio with Josh Holloway,” Lilly spills. “When Kate first sees Sawyer, there’s almost a feeling of seeing a ghost. I really believe she thought he was dead.”

“…”We all don’t succeed” in getting back to the island, teases Yunjin Kim, whose character, Sun, “takes matters into her own hands” in her quest to avenge the death of husband Jin.”

“”Terry O’Quinn (Locke) appears in only half of the dozen new episodes shot so far, but he isn’t complaining. “Previously, that would have been a disappointment, but the stuff I’ve gotten to do [this season] has been so good.””

“This season tweaks the flash-forward and flashback formula, but time will continue to play an almost adversarial role in the characters’ attempts to free themselves from the island’s grasp. “I have no idea where I’m at or what I’m doing,” says Josh Holloway (Sawyer), speaking from home after weathering a rainy-night shoot that lasted until 3 a.m.”

“Blame all this time-traveling on Lindelof, who identifies himself as an expert on the subject. “If it relates to any kind of time-travel, I’ve read it or seen it or studied it,” he says, explaining that Lost’s time travel differs from how the device is employed on NBC’s Heroes, where good and bad incarnations of the same character routinely interact to alter future events. “Those are things we are very disinclined to do,” maintains Cuse. Still, says Kim, viewers will find out later this season that certain characters “change something in the past, which is a huge turn in the story line.”

“The producers plan to delve more deeply into the island’s earlier residents. “We’re really interested this season in showing more of the history of the island’s inhabitants,” says Cuse. Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) says her character comes in contact with ruins of the island’s ancient civilization, while Holloway says “a whole new crew of people with a connection to the Dharma Initiative are introduced,” – one of whom may be Sawyer’s new love interest. Additionally, Emerson says, “We discover there are people Ben fears and to whom he must answer.”

“Despite Matthew Fox’s claim that he knows where it’s all headed, the rest of the cast remains in the dark about the questions viewers most want answered. But it’s a welcome conundrum to those like Jorge Garcia, who recently found himself exploring with childlike wonderment the Lost soundstages. There, in a dark corner, he came upon a structure he describes as “the greatest set I have ever seen on this show. It’s where a pretty climactic moment occurs and sets a lot of things in motion. I didn’t even have a scene in there, but I was like [gasps], ‘Oh, my gosh – is this the thing??'” How about a hint? “I can’t,” he apologizes. “It’s too good.”

There’s a rundown of what D&C consider to be the 10 episodes that most prepare viewers for Season 5. I’ll skip TV Guide’s summaries fo the eps, but give D&C’s spoilery hints:

Walkabout – “Locke and his relationship to the island is very central to the fifth season,” teases Lindelof.

White Rabbit – Christian returns. And “the fact that Christian’s wearing white tennis shoes is a mystery that will be answered this season,” Cuse says.

Deus Ex Machina – “We will learn the whole nature of why the Swan Station exists.”

The 23rd Psalm – “You learned the monster was able to pull memories from a character’s life,” reminds Cuse. A greater understanding of the monster will come this season.

Live Together, Die Alone – At last! The statue will make a reappearnce, but the big questions – why four toes? Who built it? – will have to wait for Season 6.

Flashes Before Your Eyes – Establishes that characters have no control over their ultimate fates. “Only on the choices they make on the way there,” says Lindelof. Cuse says Fionnula Flanagan is “important in the overall storytelling of Lost.”

The Man Behind the Curtain – “You’ll be seeing some of the Dharma Initiative characters you’ve seen in the past,” confirms Cuse. “You’re going to get a nice juicy chunk of Ben’s backstory this year.”

The Constant- The consequences of incorrectly entering or exiting the island (on the wrong compass bearing) will play a crucial role as the Oceanic Six attempt their return. Midway through the season, we will learn the island pulled off one doozy of a masquerade.

The Shape of Things to Come – “There’s a lot of mystery about the power struggle between these two men (Ben and Widmore),” says Cuse. “Are they both bad guys? Is one a bad guy? Or are they ultimately both good guys? That’s something we are exploring more this year.”

There’s No Place Like Home-
“The season premiere is basically Part 4 of the finale.” Locke’s faith will continue to be tested by the island and/or Jacob – likely with “great personal sacrifice” says Cuse. We’ll see Locke’s death midway through the season, though a central question on the series – What does the island ultimately want with Locke? – won’t be answered until Season 6.

  • hyperRevue

    My heart rate just went up after reading 10 things we’ll learn this season.

  • Well, if anyone wasn’t excited before reading this, they should be now. Damn. Great stuff!

  • graham

    Terry goes back to be happy with Locke’s development again, that’s great. So, nothing to worry about.

  • spacebender

    Wonderfully tantalizing tidbits! Only 8 days to go!

  • Hipster Doofus

    Oh God! Jorge’s tease was the most confusing to me, and the most exciting.

    • docarzt

      It reminded me of pre-season 2, when he was talking about the interior of the hatch before it had been revealed. I remember he said something like “There are this separate places that have their own little jobs.” Deconstructing that now, he was speaking in terms of jobs within the story – the mural, the computer room, the living quarters, etc.

      • Hipster Doofus

        I just wonder what new, exciting sets they could possibly come up. I’m always amazed with what they come up with, and I don’t read Darkufo spoilers anymore, so this season is going to be extra-exciting for me.

  • numbersarebad

    Speculation: Sun is going to have a dark side and she blames Jack for Jin’s assumed death. I think she will go after Kate because she knows that will hurt Jack worse than going after Jack himself. Maybe Jack will want to get back to the island even more because of this. I can’t help but wonder if Jorge Garcia was refering to the 4-toed statue, or maybe the temple. People Ben must answer to? Besides Jacob? I can’t even imagine who these people could be. What if Sun gets to the island with Widmore’s help? If they are intending to get into the island’s earlier residents, why did they kill off so many of the Others? Tom, Mrs Klugh, Patchy, Ethan, Goodwin… unless there is a group of natives that predate the Others. Or, time travel could take everybody back to a time when every is alive again. I hope Walt goes back to the island with everybody, there are still unanswered questions about him. Sorry for rambling, I just can’t wait for Lost to come back.

  • docarzt

    LyLy will back me up on this… I’ve suspected that Sun will not return for a little while now. I’d go as far as to say she will die. We’ll see.

    • numbersarebad

      That would suck for Ji Yeon. It would further complicate the need to bring everybody back if they had to bring 2 dead bodies and/or Aaron and Ji Yeon back to the island. I’d hate to see Sun go, especially now that she is such a badass, but Ben is uh… badass-er. Going to Charles Widmore probably put her on the top of Ben’s list for his hitman Sayid.

      • Hipster Doofus

        Maybe, but Sayid would definitely never kill Sun.

    • professorstotch

      I wouldn’t mind. I think Sun is the only character I’ve ever not cared about at all. And that includes Nikki and Paulo…

  • grabbypaws

    I’m loving the new spoilers. So many delicious little hints! Can’t wait what Damon means about certain characters changing something in the past which will reflect heavily on the future. I think it has to do with Desmond and Daniel Faraday and hope it won’t be similar to butterfly effect.

  • Jim

    the way that i read jorge’s hint is it has something to do with the place that smokey is kept in. everytime we have seen him attacking anyone i have always thought there were sounds of gears moving and metal. so maybe a large room with similar type stuff that “makes” smokey when he is needed? i don’t know but i really can’t wait for this thing to get started. come on already, i’m dieing here!

  • “The Shape of Things to Come – “There’s a lot of mystery about the power struggle between these two men (Ben and Widmore),” says Cuse. “Are they both bad guys? Is one a bad guy? Or are they ultimately both good guys?”

    Let’s see, one of them attempts to kill everyone on the island to retake it and capture Ben. The other plans/commits a massacre of innocent (?) Dharmists.

    So, I don’t understand the question, or they “both” bad guys or just one them awful?

    At times it seems that the show is a take on faith versus science (wiping out Dharma, for example), or science versus faith (the ruthless, manipulative acts of Ben to maintain control and deter scientific examination/use in favor of acting upon the wishes of the “Island”.

    Murder is murder. Nothing “relative” about it. And while some Relativists proclaim no one is purely innocent, the screams of terrorized children argues otherwise.

    • Michel

      I guess you haven’t read Watchmen… or, if you did, hated the ending.

  • Michel

    ” There, in a dark corner, he came upon a structure he describes as “the greatest set I have ever seen on this show. It’s where a pretty climactic moment occurs and sets a lot of things in motion. I didn’t even have a scene in there, but I was like [gasps], ‘Oh, my gosh – is this the thing??’” ”

    Two words for you all: Oval… Room.


  • Dan

    Could the set Hurley’s on about be…the magic box??!

    • professorstotch

      Ben: No, John, it’s not.

  • Calichusetts

    Thats crap about the statue, they said that last season as well

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