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  • You know… the “high school” thing applies to us too. We’re the nerds talking about the cool kids, wishing we could hangout with them. Waiting to see what they’ll do next. Saddened to know that soon the drama will end, we’ll graduate and have to figure out how to live in the real world. :o(

  • Twitchy

    am i the only who doesn’t like emile de ravin? her character is so annoying, plus i think her point of not seeing season 5 is definitely snobish. also, she’s the worst actress.
    thumbs down.

    On the other hand, how LOVELY is evi???

    • I think that’s pretty harsh. I don’t get a vibe from her of being snobbish at all. And I think it is important to separate the characters from the actresses. If you don’t like a character, that doesn’t make the actress a bad person. For example I have loathed Kate for much of the series (until her flashback ep in Season 5), but I could always tell that Evangeline Lilly was a very kind, special person.