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Videos : Emilie De Ravin soundbite about episode 6×06 and Claire

By lyly ford,

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Here some teasers by Emilie about tonight episode but also Emilie talks about the new Claire, the importance of Aaron for her.

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  • Stad R0


    • domcruise

      seriously? do you guys have to do this on every post on this website? just ignore it! you know what it’s meant to say, get over it and leave the poor girl alone!

      • butwhatifitisnt

        Stad R0 – GO AWAY. who cares.

        • Stad R0

          I wasn’t aware you determine who stays and who goes, butwhatifitisnt. I guess there’s been a change of management here. Does that mean you’ll be proofreading Lyly’s posts now, to make sure they make sense?

      • Andrew Frisk Jr.

        That’s not really the issue, though. I don’t think those commenting on Lyly Ford’s writing ability are trashing her–they’re commenting on Doc not proofing her work before it goes live. So it’s not a matter of leaving “the poor girl” alone, since no one is ganging up on her in the first place. I don’t get the feeling anyone has a problem with her–it’s with the lack of quality control. An editor’s job is to clean up the work of his writers.

        • GeigerCounter

          I agree. After all, Stad R0 wrote “PROOFREAD” not something like “Hey Lyly, learn English” so this shouldn’t really be an issue. Hell, I’m not a native speaker either and I’m sure I make mistakes sometimes, but if I were writing for this site, I would want Doc to proofread/edit my posts simply to prevent making a fool out of myself.

          • domcruise

            how is she making a fool out of herself? you know what it’s meant to say, get over it.

            honestly though it’s seems like its become a new trend on this site to bash the people who spend time giving us stuff to read. that’s way more annoying than spelling mistakes

    • Nick

      Stad, I believe you have two options.

      1) Ask for your money back. Oh, wait, the site is free. I guess you can’t do that.

      2) Stop using this website. Actions speak louder than words. If you feel really strongly about this issue, I think this is the best way to show how important grammar is to you. If you aren’t willing to take a stand, then I guess it wasn’t really that important to begin with.

      Also, you might not realize that typing in all capital letters is considered poor grammar. I suppose you could say, “Its just the internet. So things like that don’t count.” And I would say, “Exactly!”

      • Amen! Well said, Nick!

  • Funback Joe

    PROOFREAD isn’t a sentence.

    • Andrew Frisk Jr.

      Incorrect, on several counts: (1) The person who made the comment isn’t a writer for this site, so he/she doesn’t have to use complete sentences. (2) “Proofread” IS a sentence, provided it has a period after it. It’s an imperative sentence–in other words, a command. An imperative sentence can be as short as one word, such as: “Go.” Technically, a sentence must contain at least a subject and a verb, but in the case of an imperative sentence, the subject is assumed and understood, so the verb stands alone as a sentence.

      • GeigerCounter

        somebody call Oxford
        the meaning of the word “several” has changed to “two”

  • Jalocke

    I think its absolutely obtuse how much you guys care about grammar. I understand its well within your rights, however, I personally feel its worsening your own existence. As someone who has studied abroad in another country, and doing so currently, I have had to listen to people on an every day basis talk in some level of broken english. Whether they be Europeans, Chinese, or native Hong Kongers, their grammar is invariably not ‘perfect.’ However, what has been confirmed for me is how little ‘perfect’ grammar means.

    Ultimately its about being able to communicate something. Was Lily’s little blurb of a sentence in perfect english? No, not that I even realized it until you mentioned it, but it conveyed a point that did its job; leading me to the videos.

    All this obsession with grammar is only serving to annoy you. So why not just let it go. As long as the rough point of the sentence comes across, thats all I have found to be necessary. I sincerely hope you don’t treat foreign friends in the same way.

    • Andrew Frisk Jr.

      All of that, Jalocke, was completely irrelevant to the issue at hand, which is the need for quality control in journalism. None of what you wrote has any bearing on this conversation.

      • Jalocke

        I understand the need for quality control in journalism. And if you read the sub-text of what I said, you would find that my argument is very pertinent to the discussion at hand.

        Quality control is exceptionally important to journalism and something I look for in all the news I receive. However, you and I have very different ideas of quality. If docarzt’s job is to maintain quality in the articles on his site, then he has done a fantastic job. The author, with just enough explanation, excited me enough to view the videos and enjoy them. He managed to get an article which did its job of conveying good entertainment to his readers.

        Quality to me has very little to do with grammar. As long as the article in question is not built upon being an intensive and well thought out essay, such as those of Marc Oronmar (sp?), then I see no reason to complain or even care at all about it.

        Quality is about content not grammar dickhead.

        • Andrew Frisk Jr.

          And discussions are about making points and counterpoints, not calling someone a dickhead.

          • Jalocke

            Humorously however, you have failed to counterpoint a single point I’ve made. And to the poster beneath me, its because I do find it interesting when people routinely bash a certain person’s writing, for what I perceive to be no good reason. Its called sticking up for someone else.

        • Felix D. Cat

          “then I see no reason to complain or even care at all about it.”

          Then don’t. If this issue doesn’t interest you, why are you even chiming in on it? Don’t you have anything better to do?

  • The Roy Wonder

    Wow! I took Mrs. Gilbreth’s English class too! I even got an A. After that, I graduated and grew up.

    “Oh boy!” I thought to myself when I scrolled down here. “Some people have made comments!” I love this site because it’s read by and commented on by die hard Lost fans just like me. In reality, however, it looks like it’s filled with Mrs. Gilbreth’s overeager grammar nazi disciples.

    “But Roy, it hurts the journalistic integrity of the site. Plus it’s hard to understand if you’ve only learned english by reading grammar texts and never encountered someone actually trying to communicate. Also I’m smarter than you because I went to college, so your fiancee will leave you for me and I get to make little humorous jabs at your expense whenever you’re around and also smart it up on the internet.”

    Well I don’t care. Besides, Texas Tech isn’t exactly Harvard. Can’t you leave me alone in this one part of my life, Chris?

    • Andrew Frisk Jr.


  • Marc

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS. You do not need to have a degree in writing or editing to figure this out. The rules of grammer DO NOT apply to commenters and frequenters of the website. The rules of grammer DO apply to those who post articles on the site.

    Obviously this is never going to change as I have been commenting about Lyly’s posts since the switch to It is not an assault on her, and obviously she has full posting authority because she is posting when Doc cannot. But it is sloppy and if Docarzt cared about his work product which he clearly does not than he would proofread her posts. I think his major concern is getting the news out fast which is why he doesnt hold her stuff back until he is available to proof read.

    HAVING SAID THAT.. we all know what she is trying to say. So technicallyyyyy its no that big of a deal.

    • dduh

      Exactly, Marc. Those who say grammar doesn’t matter are completely off the mark, and ill-informed about journalism. Grammar is essential to good journalism–just as essential as good content–and no self-respecting journalism site or publication would ever say otherwise. Harry Knowles and Ain’t It Cool News will never be considered good journalism, no matter how many scoops they make, because most of that site’s staff, particularly Harry, are atrocious writers with little understanding of grammar or sentence structure. If Doc cared about the quality of his site, he’d do something about the quality of the posts–and grammar matters when determining a post’s quality. This isn’t AICN, where idiocy and lack of talent reign. This is Doc Arzt’s LOST Blog, which is known for professionalism. At least it was until every third post began lacking any semblance of English sentence structure. And that’s really a shame, because it’s hard to take the site seriously when it sounds like it was written by a middle-school student with a C- average.

  • SawyerLover

    I read this website to get great info on Lost and that’s it. Seriously people, don’t you have better things to do than criticize a 2 sentence post that leads to some awesome video? Yikes.

    • Felix D. Cat

      Don’t YOU have better things to do then to tell people who they should or shouldn’t discuss?

      • Marc

        OH Felix. Thank you so much for that.

      • Jalocke

        This is an easy game to play:

        Don’t you have something better to do than correct someone’s grammar?

  • GeigerCounter

    Moving on…
    I wonder what will happen with Claire in the episode. She’s supposed to say something game-changing? Can’t wait to see what that is.

  • BasiaK

    Honestly, I would expect a better-composed sentence from a fourth grader.

    I’ve tutored people from Poland who wouldn’t have written a sentence like this:

    “Here (Here are) some teasers by Emilie about tonight (tonight’s) episode but (no need for the but, JUST END THE SENTENCE AND WRITE ANOTHER.) also Emilie talks about the new Claire, the importance of Aaron for her (Emilie also talks about the new Claire and Aaron’s importance to her).”

    That took me 2 minutes. PROOFREAD indeed!

    Doc Artz, what is UP with you? Please proof what you put up.

    • Felix D. Cat

      Agreed, 100%.

  • First of all, why is no one actually talking about what was posted? Secondly, I used to post here at DocArzt, and all of my work would post straightaway without any moderation or corrections. Frankly, I think this is a foolish discussion. DocArzt is not a journalism site; it is a fan community. It is not governed by the rules of the AP style manual. We come here to get information about our favorite television show, not for the dynamic writing (although the two are not mutually exclusive). Lyly’s post was merely to reveal some interview clips with Emilie De Ravin, not to spark a discussion on sentence fragments and missing conjunctions.

    As for the clips, I thought they were fun. Nothing really new to be revealed here outside of the fact that Claire needs to deliver a message for the Nemesis. That the message is unexpected and a game-changer is par for the course with LOST, but I still wonder what it is? What do you think the Nemesis wants to communicate to Dogen and the Others at the Temple?

    • Marc

      Ambiv if you have been reading this site for a while then you would know that this explosion of Lily Grammer hatred was a long time coming.

  • I rarely chime in on this kind of thing, but some of you are making this so difficult.
    I am an author. I deal with grammar every day. In case you aren’t aware, this is not a journalistic site. It’s simply a place for discussions, previews, and blurbs from a person who is a character in a weekly show. I am sure she is nervous and that makes an interview more difficult.
    Those of you who are so concerned about grammar should go to a site where grammar is the issue. Those of you who are here, like me, to get a glimpse of what might happen in the next show, stick around.
    Respectfully, I suggest that those of you who are making such an issue out of a young woman’s mistake, get a life. And those of you who just want to learn more about the show and it’s characters, enjoy!
    Can’t we all play nice?
    How about you discuss what she tried to say?

    • Felix D. Cat

      I’m an author as well, and I completely disagree with you.

      • Jalocke

        So far you have done little to actually explain why grammar is important to this site. It clearly isn’t. You people have been posting this nonsense for weeks now. Stop or go. End of story. It’s a fan community, not a journal.

  • Marc


    I do not think I have ever ready a more hypocritical serious of sentences. First you insult people for their opinions on a situation. Then you ask if we can all play nice? Come now.

    • Jalocke

      Actually she didn’t insult a thing you said. She voiced an opinion, fairly respectfully, that she felt it was inappropriate and rude to continually mock this young woman’s writing.

      You’d think for someone so wholly dedicated to journalistic integrity would know how to read sentences properly.

  • What was this post about?

  • Well Marc, I am really glad you are able to read and took the time to read what I wrote. Hypocritical? Did you understand what I said?
    Marc, how old are you 16-17? Experience will teach you what hypocritical means.
    You have a lot to learn. It’s sad you are so jaded that you don’t understand what I was trying to say. You proved my point exactly!
    In any case, no more time wasted for me with inexperience.
    Since when did a young, nervous, girl speaking, become a situation. That’s the point.
    I started to read these things because I like the show. I don’t care about grammar, I want to hear what people think about the show.

  • Aldo lover

    Me love lost claire is good actress excited about TONIGHT ipisode!!!!!!!!

  • domcruise

    if you lot are seriously that bothered about the grammer in a one sentence post, why dont you just copy and paste it into microsoft word, spell check it and then realise that in the end it really doesn’t matter.

    you keep going on about professionalism and journalism and all sorts, but as stated above, this is a fansite, a fan community, not, and thanks to people like lily we get to see cool vids like this one on a daily basis

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    • domcruise

      thanks for that lovely spam message.