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Videos : Last LOST Sneak peek Ever

By lyly ford,

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Last time i’ll do that for you guys, i feel so down right now, i’ll really miss it, i’ll miss LOST so damn….

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  • thorne47


    • Rams

      I’m tearing up too… :/

  • Lisa

    When Lost ends….I think I’ll miss Sawyer the most.

  • Brian007

    I believe Josh Halloway had some of the best lines in the series

    • Ed-Mars

      Yep, along with Ben and Locke. I would love for the good doc here to have a post about the best lines of the whole show. I’ll help with a few to get you started :

      – Destiny, John, is a fickle bitch
      – My name is Sayid Jarrah and I’m a torchurrah 😡
      – Don’t tell me what I can’t do!!!
      – Son-of-a-bitch!
      – Dude!
      – We have to go back!
      – See you in another life, brotha
      – There’s a new sheriff in town boys, and y’all best get used to it.
      – Guys, where are we?
      – Oh I don’t know Mr. Clean, I probably would have gone around Mt. Vesuvius.

      Feel free to add more 🙂

  • andrejs

    It’s going to be a messy ending. It looks like Ben’s redemption is short-lived. If true, I hope his end is the nastiest.

    • ErasedSlate

      There is still hope for Ben, certainly, he killed Widmore, but that puts him in the best place for the most good. I don’t know why I hope for final redeeming act, like Sayid. Why give the walkie talkie to Miles and Richard?

      • andrejs

        I still hope for Ben’s continued redemption as well. His and Ilana’s scene is as powerful a scene in television as I’ve ever scene. Truly a New Testament moment. The sneak peak with him turning Sawyer over to Smokey doesn’t help his case thought. —As an aside, what do you think of ABCs idea of running tweets during the show’s finale’? Ugh.

        • richie k

          here here to that, that scene blew me away, totally agree!

        • the tweets won’t be during the finale. just during the 2 hour retrospective and commercials.

          • andrejs

            That’s good to read. Thank you for the update.

  • Did Vincent tell Sawyer that Desmond fell in the well?

    • Silas

      Do you not watch this show?

      • Alaine

        I believe Kevin was making a “Lassie” reference.

    • Ed-Mars

      Kevin, let me answer your question with a phrase from the show itself, from Sawyer.

      Yes Vincent told him, right after it crapped gold.

  • Sawyer sure can pick a sucky hiding spot! lol

    • Aldo lover

      Haha thats what I was thinking. Standing behind a little bush like 10 feet away…

  • Great sneak peeks! This one’s gonna be a doozy.

  • s.w.a.c.

    I keep thinking that first one’s going to end with Sawyer saying, “You look a little tense, how about a backrub?” right before the bow-chikka-wow music kicks in.

    Forget Jaters and Skaters, aren’t there any Jawyers out there?

    • Ed-Mars

      Sure, why not 🙂
      That said, I’ve always considered Ben & Locke to be the House & Wilson equivalent of this show.

      • richie k


    • Bouncing Naked Jack Moobs

      I ship all possible sides of the love hexagon. Jate, Skate, Jacket, Jawyer, Kuliet… well, not Suliet. Hated that one.

      • Jonah

        It’s really a tetrahedron. Just sayin’.

  • Naultz

    Did anyone else catch the saywer pun in the second clip.

    “looks like someone beat you to it, Oh WELL.” 🙂

  • donuteyes

    my favourite LOST line ever:

    after being asked by sawyer how he’s doing, sayid replies, “A twelve-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I’m doing?”

    • Chris


    • Zonker

      “You guys got any milk?”

  • lylebot

    Sweet, the finale’s going to be a Sawyer-centric!

    • andrejs

      Up until Sawyer becomes past tense. I’m afraid the Island folk are all going to end up in a bad way. LAX people will be OK, though… but as Jack says “I’ve been wrong before.”

  • youarenotjer

    does anyone else that that Sideways Desmond:

    a) has ill intentions for the Sideways Losties?

    b) and/or is the MIB/Smokey existing in the Sideways as a result of using Desmond’s body/shell just like he (MIB) did with Locke’s?

    its pretty apparent that the Sideways is going to ultimately be a result of the current Island timeline, no?

    • heythereyourself

      Sideways reality is the result of the Incident.

  • spacebender

    “…Looks like somebody beat us both to the punch. Oh well.” Classic Sawyer!

  • Rams

    I hope Sawyer informs Ben that he and Kate helped save his life 30 years ago. So, Ben’s the new Sayid to Flocke… I hope all that Dr. Linus redemption does not go to waste… 😛

  • boonesghost

    I would love to see Titus Welliver and Mark Pellegrino do a show together. The “Totally Lost” clips they’ve done are hilarious.

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