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Whoopie Goldberg – Lost Spoiler Hound!

By docarzt,

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goldberg.jpgStep aside Ausiello and Kristin, make way DarkUFO and Spoilerfix, there is a new force in spoilers and it is, Whoopie Goldberg?  Whoopie apparently is not up on spoiler etiquette and blurted out a doozie of a spoiler yesterday on “The View.” Read at your own risk!

Whoopie was discussing the show and announced that they would be starting a whole new storyline based off the discovery of the “fake plane.” Now is Whoopie so sure it is a fake plane? How does she know that? As find815 players know, Oceanic 815 was found, but is it fake or a duplicate created when the doomed flight plunged through whatever mysterious energy field surrounds the island? Only Whoopie knows!

  • sk8rpro

    Now it makes so much sense! Whoopie is lostfan108 😉

  • Theory 156

    Doc!!! Why would you not put that behind some SPOILER button. I just heard about this whoopi thing and came to this site because i was hoping to read something you had written saying how inappropriate that was of her to just blurt that out. I did not actually know what the spoiler was and wanted to remain that way, and i clicked on this article, and accidentally my eyes slip to mid paragraph and i saw a phrase i wont repeat, but now i am spoiled. im actually kind of upset about this, i REALLY wish you would just put it behind a spoiler button, or make it so the reader has to highlight it to see it, maybe next time you will?

  • morty

    sk8rpro made me laff lol

  • John J

    Theory 156,

    I don’t know you at all. But what makes you think thatt clicking on a link especially after seeing these web-sites that no spoilers would be in it? To be honest folk’s like Doc Artz put alot of work into the site and or monitoring other’s (no pun) intended websites. I in MY own opinion feel it to be time to everyone to use a little common sense. If you read the begining of the clip you probably would not have clicked on the link. ladies and gentleman just like ourselves Doc may not be perfect. Butg did you ever think that maybe he thought (apologize for speaking for you, Doc) that by mentioning those sites first that spoiler free folk’s woukd pass it by.

  • themachine

    the word “spoiler” is in the title of the article…

  • milo

    Not really much of a spoiler, is it?

    Naomi already said that a plane was found at the bottom of the ocean, what else would it be but a fake?

  • DocH

    I am gonna go with conspiracy theory here. The Whoopster is an ABC property like LOST. There are two people you never tell a SECRET to if you want to keep it – Whoopie and Rosie O’. I think she was feed false info with the expectation that she’d accidentally let it slip out, to generate a buzz. Its’ been done before by the Bad Robot bosses. They do it to Kristin all the time.

  • xnzvbmc

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