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LOST Stuffs From The Web – Zombies, Best Darlton Interview Ever, and LOST Suppers

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Some cool stuff hitting the web today re LOST.  A new not-so-spoilery interview with Darlton, more LOST Supper talk, and Jensen goes Zombie… before season seven.

Jeff Jensen published his weekly spill of bizarre and stimulating theoryisms today; perhaps taking this whole 28 days til LOST thing too seriously.

Lost-Locke-zombie_320It’s exactly four weeks until the season premiere of Lost. Four weeks = 28 days, which reminds me of 28 Days Later, the zombie classic directed by Danny Boyle, which reminds me how Damon and Carlton have long liked to joke about giving us a ”zombie season” during the show’s seventh year. (In case you missed this, Lost is closing shop after its sixth year.) But think about it: Zombies are dead people brought back to life by supernatural power, albeit in a rather monstrous state. That actually sounds like season 6 of Lost to me!

Even if you THINK you know where this is going, trust me. It is worth the read.

Damon and Carlton talked with THR’s Live Feed. Now this one is not totally spoilery, but the interviewer digs into the tone of season 6 and probes a lot. It’s a great interview. One of the best Darlton interviews of recent memory, in fact, and I got really excited for season 6. It is not spoilery in the sense of story details, but certainly in vision. My favorite part: Damon comparing the different types of ‘conclusions’ while discussing The Shield, Sopranos, and Battlestar Galactica, while projecting where the LOST ending fits into that spectrum. Quite telling.

6a00d83451d69069e2012876aba46a970c-320wiIt’s tough to prognosticate. But the one area we’re in agreement is there will be a short-term reaction to the ending and then a legacy reaction that comes six months, a year down the road, looking at the show as a whole. Carlton and I were trying yesterday to remember what the final season of “The Sopranos” even was about — we couldn’t remember much about the finale itself except Anthony Jr. was going to go into the Army and crashed his car and changed his mind. But we remember every frame of the diner scene. What people take away from our finale is going to be based purely on that two-hour episode, but our hope is they’ll be able to connect that experience to the six years that preceded it.

Plenty of great stuff in that interview, read the rest here if you dare.

And finally, Matt Webb Mittovich took the Fandom’s pulse in response to this LOST supper thing and decided we may, just may, be suffering from a case of Apophenia. I might be putting words in Matt’s mouth, but I agree with where I ‘Think’ his suggestion is going:

As if the original “Lost Supper” image didn’t provide enough food for thought, ABC went on to release a second take in which the entire cast is turned to the camera… and a few of them have shifted seats. Is there a deeper reason behind the game of musical chairs? Or is the ABC publicity machine, if not exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, ringing in the New Year by sending so many of us on a fool’s errand of hyperanalysis?

Is the LOST Supper hiding secrets, or is it merely visual metaphor?  Answer: who cares.  Must. Theorize. Still, if all the in-depth theorizing is a bit daunting, Matt’s wrap up really hits the high points of the debate.