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LOST – Sunset On The Beach Coverage – Got a Question For The Cast?

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I have to go back! But, alas – I cannot.  It was my good fortune to get an invite to the Sunset on the Beach even coming up in nine days, but since I just put everything I had (and a little more) into moving from Maine to California, I’ll be sitting Sunset out.  There is, however, a silver lining. Can you say… proxy?

This has nothing to do with transporting a dead body, thankfully. In fact, my friend – and yours – Jopinionated has come to our rescue and will be providing exclusive coverage for our sister site,, of the Sunset on the Beach event.

When I say Jo will be providing coverage, I don’t mean she will simply ‘be there,’ in fact Jo will be on the red carpet with the rest of the press world getting some face time with LOST’s cast and creators.  For more details on the coverage that will ensue check out here article here on TVOvermind.  That’s the same place you want to go if you want to pass on a potential question for cast or crew, also Jo has outlined the various twitter feeds and what not that you will need to be aware of to keep up with what goes down. will also be featuring more spoiler free reports from our fans on the ground.  If you are attending and want to add your voice to the chorus, email me at

Here is the official schedule for Sunset on the Beach.  NOTE this is the schedule for press folk, so if you are attending as a civilian… NO, you will NOT be able to interview cast and crew. Sorry.

  • Funback Joe

    Damn these Tweets! In case anyone was interested in seeing the ONE PERSON who finished and wrote about the entire Lost Rewatch (the one that every other group dropped out of), go to That girl has worked her butt off, and she has endlessly interesting things to say about the first five seasons.

    By the by, I am not affiliated with her in any way, just a fan who thinks she deserves proper recognition.

  • HAH, busted! 🙂