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LOST – The Little Prince – 5×5

By DocThrottle,

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5 Questions.

1. The nosebleeds are (allegedly) happening to our time jumping Losties based on how much “exposure” they’ve had to the island. So Charlotte’s had the most exposure, Miles (who most of us are assuming is Chang’s son) has had the second most, and Juliet has had the third most.

We can safely assume Sawyer and Locke will start getting nosebleeds at about the same time, but what about Faraday? He SHOULD get his after Sawyer and Locke. If he bleeds before them, then the powers that be need to fill in some more blanks for us.

2. Rousseau knew Jin before she “knew” Jin. So why didn’t she recognize him during Seasons 1-4? Did she just forget in the intervening years? Catch a little bit of “The Sickness”?

3. Rousseau killed the other members of her team (including the father of her child) because of “The Sickness”. Is the sickness time jump related?

4. We could have had a “Future Sawyer meets Past Kate and Past Claire” Is it possible we’ve already had one and didn’t know it? We also could have had a “Future Locke meets Past Locke” moment. I’ll bet before the time hopping is done, we’ll get one. Maybe future Locke wears an Other disguise or something similar.

5. The shooters on the outrigger canoes are (methinks) survivors of the Ajira airlines crash. The label on the bottle of water our Losties found are still on the bottle, so I doubt they’ve been there very long. Definitely not 108 days long. Where’d they come up with the canoes? That wasn’t Karl’s canoe, was it?

5 Quick Hits

Juliet is a hell of a shot.

Ben is a jerk for yanking around Kate and Claire’s mom like that.

Birth scenes on TV are always awkward.

Sawyer tries to make me gay. Locke reminding me of Shannon brings me back.

Jin needs to stop getting on boats. It never ends well for him.