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A really comprehensive time travel theory

By normandy,

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The following link is to an article on the most comprehensive time travel theory I’ve ever read. The remainder of my post is about some questions and possible loop-holes about the theory. Read the whole thing first, then move on to my comments on the theory, please. Some of my questions might already be answered by the theory or they are answered by Lost’s storyline that I have overlooked. If so, feel free to correct me. Without further ado, here is the theory.

As for my comments on it;

  • Smoke monster is explained as the physical manifestation of fate trying to course correct itself. Also, the ghosts (like Ben’s mother) are explained by them having lived in that time frame in an alternate timeline (the island is constantly lagging in time from the outside world) so their consciousness appears and guides according to the course correctedness of fate. My problem here is, I am still looking for the scientific explanation the producers told us about. I am not convinced by the explanation that “it is all fate’s doing, it is the whims of a magical deity.” I need something more persuasive. For example, the 4-toed statue. Humans will evolve and get rid of their pinky toe, right? Thus, I am going for, “smokey and the statue and all the other futuristic elements are indeed from the future” Future civilizations traveled back in time to the island and set up their way of life. Then they perished. The tribal future humans left behind the statue, the technologically advanced future humans left behind the smoke monster. They are both non-living so fate let them remain. Course correctedness ultimately deals with life. Smokey just became a tool that fate uses to regulate the lives tied to the island.
  • The time loop of the island just doesn’t seem believable to me. It may be because I am not thinking of the time machine as a “machine” in the conventional sense. I am thinking of it more like a way of life the island introduces, something that dawns on our consciousness that we can use rather than something that we can use by flipping switches. Thus, the snatching of the machine from the arrow station and being integrated into the swan station just doesn’t seem feasible.
  • Theory says that Widmore staged the fake plane crash. However, the captain of the boat said he was working for Widmore and he spoke of the staged crash as the work of a 3rd party. Sayid and Desmond were told not to trust the captain though, so he might be lying about the identity of his employer. If it is not Widmore, and since Ben feels the need to have a spy on the boat, this rules the two of them out. Therefore, there must be a 3rd person, a “man behind the curtains.”

Comment on it and include your views on the time loop theory. Here are the recognized rebuttals by the author.

  • Evan

    One question. The theory ends with, “Either way, the failure to keep pressing the button and the leading of DHARMA to the island has caused a great burden for Ben and the Others.”

    If that is true and Ben needed the button to be pushed to keep re-setting the Time Machine, then why (when Locke was stuck under the blast door) did Ben lie to him about not having pushed the button?

    That’s something I’ve yet to understand.

  • Normandy

    He might not have lied. He actually might not have pushed the button. If you remember, Kelvin and the guy with his brains on the ceiling created an artificial lockdown to get the door down. They did that by short circuiting some wires in the mainframe and presumably got everything back together to end the lockdown.

    Ben might be in the know of that and when the lockdown started, he might have rushed to the mainframe and fiddled with the cables there to stop the alarm sequence. It is not really hard to do, if you think in terms of real life. Old circuitry can easily be manipulated if you know the schematics of the part that interests you.

  • Evan

    Normandy –

    I’m not quite following. I remember the fake lockdowns Kelvin and Des did, but I don’t see how that fits in with re-setting the time machine.

    When Locke was stuck under the door, the time had ticked down and the whole place was going crazy – system failure. The button had to have been pushed to reset the time, and according to the theory, the time machine.

    You’re saying Ben could have faked the button push by “fiddling with the cables”?

  • Normandy


    Yep, I’m saying that. It is purely speculation but it is possible to have induced a fake button-press through system manipulation. If the theory is correct on button pressing being the means of maintaining the time loop of the island, this seems more likely. If button pressing is a tool not a means, there might be multiple ways to achieve what they are supposed to do.

  • Evan


    And, yeah, that makes sense.

    But regardless of the means, all Locke knows is that the button needs to be pushed. He’s not aware of any other way to reset the time. So, if Ben needs the button to be pushed to reset the time machine and keep the island hidden, I don’t get why he wouldn’t just tell Locke that he pushed it.

    By telling Locke that he didn’t push the button and that the time just reset itself, it’s giving Locke doubt about the validity of the button and that’s not good for Ben.

  • pocket

    I’m pretty disappointed that you would give this theory any credence. I think it’s terrible and full of huge gigantic holes and strained logic. It almost fits, but the ways in which it doesn’t are like banging a square peg into a round hole. It just reeks.

  • Jason

    I do beleive that Mr. Friendly told (and showed documents) to Micheal about the fake 815 crash,so can we trust this to be true and not just a theory?

    OT-Did you watch last night when Hurley and Jack were playing horse, when jack got H-O they showed on the bottom of the screen that H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and O is the 15th…so put together it is 815!!!

  • Henry Holland

    I HATE THIS COMMENTS SECTION! NO PARAGRAPH BREAKS AND THE EFFING CAPTCHA TYPE THE CHARACTERS THING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO READ. *cough* I didn’t bother reading past the first paragraph after reading this: “Once the Black Rock crashes, the leaders aboard the ship, including Alvar Hanso, begin studies on the magnetic aspects of the island”. What an idiot, it was MAGNUS Hanso on the Black Rock. If this person can’t even get a basic fact like that right, why bother with the rest? I got really really really bored with all the theorizing by the end of season 2, if its important, they’ll tell us eventually.

    I think Ben *did* push the button. It’s hard to untangle when he’s lying and telling the truth –that’s one of the reasons he’s my favorite character– but there’s this from “Lockdown”, as he was helping John’s leg after he’s out of the blastdoor: “LOCKE: What did you do — what did you do to end it — to make the doors go up? GALE: I did what you told me to. I punched in the code and pressed the execute button, but nothing happened other than that clock flipping back. I was climbing back into the vent when the lights went out. 10 seconds later the doors went up. I didn’t do anything”.

    I think he later lied with him to mess with his head. Remember when the sky went purple, the look of shock on Ben’s face? Just like he didn’t think Michael would press the button on the bomb, he didn’t really think John would not press the button. Poor Ben, underestimating how stupid and easily played the Losties are.

  • Henry Holland

    Woops, I guess it does have paragraph breaks if you hit enter twice! 🙂 The numbers & letters are still tough to read, it took 3 tries to get it to submit.

  • eruf

    This is the second time I’ve read this this week and still think it’s convoluted as all hell. No offense to the author, but it sure makes alot of unfounded assumptions. I just don’t like it…

  • Simplified

    @Henry Holland
    Good point

  • lgh

    Seriously? This so-called ‘theory’ sound more like the ravings of a madman. Despite the misused names, events, and ideas it doesn’t even come close to making a lick of sense. Honestly, this web-site may have completely lost it’s credibility based upon this one post.

  • Tim J.

    I don’t totally buy it, but I’m intrigued by the resemblance between this theory’s conception of time travel and that in Primer, a kickass micro-budget brain-twister in which two guys with a time machine get a little obsessed.

  • i-spie

    Remeber in the video John watched while Ben gathered metal material into the pod? On the video, it was said (the pod) worked on the principle of Casimir Effect. This was a short definition I found:

    Casimir effect and wormholes
    Exotic matter with negative energy density is required to stabilize a wormhole.[15] Morris, Thorne and Yurtsever[16] pointed out that the quantum mechanics of the Casimir effect can be used to produce a locally mass-negative region of space-time, and suggested that negative effect could be used to stabilize a wormhole to allow faster than light travel. This was used in the novel Warp Speed by Travis S. Taylor.

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