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A Theory on Season 5’s Opening Scene

By nato64,

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Hello everybody! I’m new here and thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Nate and have been a reader here for a long time and am happy to be a part of the community!

Just to be clear, I haven’t seen the first two episodes of Season 5 like DocArzt has. My speculation on the opening of the fifth season is purely that-speculation. Also, this is as much my own theory as it is an attempt to spark conversation. I don’t know about you guys, but the anticipation over Season 5 is killing me.

Going over the fantastic openings to Seasons 2 & 3, they are both events in which we think are off-island but, to our surprise, are actually on the island and thus mind-blowing. Season 4 reversed this by showing us something that we thought was on-island but wasn’t. I know I’m repeating information you already know but hear me out.

My theory is that Season 5 opens with someone doing daily tasks at a Dharma facility, much like the opening of Season 2. Heck, it might actually be The Swan. However, it’s not what’s going on or where it’s happening, it’ll be who’s doing it that’ll be mind-bending. What would be the most jaw-dropping character reveal? Widmore. Charles Widmore at a young age.

What if Widmore was with Dharma in it’s prime? What if Widmore (or his father since he would be too young) was part of the team that started Dharma? Think about it. Ben is at war with Widmore. Who else has Ben been at war with? Yep-Dharma. In ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, Widmore tells him the island is his and it will be again. Ben stole it from Dhrama/Charles Widmore. How did he ‘steal’ it from Widmore? Father issues. Let’s be honest, what Lost character doesn’t have father issues? I hypothesize that Charles was going ‘inherit’ the Island from his dad. All of this would easily explain how Penny found out about the Island by stealing documents from her father.

Recently, the Global Octagon Recruiting and the reinvigoration of the Dharma Initiative has coincided with the timeline where Widmore begins looking for the Island again. The Island was hidden from the rest of the world until the Swan’s implosion. Widmore finally saw Ben off the Island in 409, realizing that the race is on.

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