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…and Miles, why are you here?

By Walter L. Newton,

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Why was our flippant little ghostbuster selected for this mission to the Island? Maybe Jacob’s cabin needed a little housekeeping performed with that ethereal lookin dustbuster. Or perhaps Miles was just trying to collect a bill from Ben.


Nah… I don’t think so. I know it’s going to sound hackneyed, but he sees dead people. Really folks, he’s got an in with the dead-set. He can sense who is dead and who are just lousy party hosts. And that’s why Widmore recruited him. You can’t tell the undead without a ghostbuster.


And I know, if I was going to send a hit squad to a mysterious island, where it seems you can’t keep a good man/woman down, I’d certainly want someone along who could sort them all out.


And that brings me around to my other theory (see: Ding Dong which is dead). If Claire is alive, then what is this two-edged dialog about?


SAWYER: You all right, sweetheart?

CLAIRE: Yeah, a bit wobbly, but, uh, I’ll live.

MILES: Well, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.


Scary! I’ve seen other blog post suggesting that Claire can’t be dead because she is suppose to raise Aaron. Let’s look at this carefully. If she DID die in the cabin when it was demolished by the rocket, it appears that she was doing a good job of mothering Aaron after the explosion. And it looks like the undead can hold a baby (Christian). Hey, there’s nothing in the rules to say the undead can’t be parental.


claire-aaron.jpgAnd this ties in with what is happening in the Jack/Kate flash forward. Things just aren’t going good for our newly domesticated couple. They shouldn’t be raising that baby. And the Island wants the little turnip head back. And so does our undead Claire.


Claire was told that Aaron should not be “raised by another,” and I think that even though she bit the big one, the powers to be on the Island are “course correcting” as we speak.


Maybe now we know why Jack (in the future) is so determined to get back to the Island. Does he intend to bring along a little traveller?


We are building up to a rather large battle on the Island, and Miles is going to be quite busy keeping track of the living and undead.