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Charlie’s Message – The Making of a Lost Easter Egg

By docarzt,

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One of the first, and most awesome, Lost Easter Eggs was Charlie’s message to Hurley in the interrogation room. 

ABC has published a new ‘making of’ video Podcast detailing the making of the scene including some insight from the guy that served as Charlie’s double (inset).  One note of interest.   Hood-up is “Dark Charlie,” is this apparition to be trusted?

  • annli

    Me & my husband had a debate about this. He had watched it at a friends and when he came home I was telling him about it. He didn’t believe me so I had to go rewind/pause it to show him.

    I also noticed there was writing on the wall in the interrogation room. I couldn’t make it out. Does anyone know what it said?

  • Desmundo

    I’m starting to think there is at least one force on the island that can inhabit the bodies of the dead to do it’s bidding. But as you suggest, there may be two entities, one dark, one light. I wonder if Jacob is associated with the light or dark one?

  • annli

    Since Hurley has started seeing Charlie, does smoky/Jacob/the island have the ability to influence people off the island now? Charlie did call Hurley Hugo…which was weird.

  • alarose20

    RE: annli:

    the only writing I remembered on the wall was “NO SMOKING” across it… not sure if there was anything else, so I’ll have to go back and look.

  • alarose20

    RE: annlie (re: island influencing people off the island)

    This was speculated a while back when Desmond went back in time and met the watch lady… or the monk… They were believed to be the “island” manifesting itself off the island to guide others to their destinies.

  • blabberhole

    “They” could be anyone really. My theory is that Charlie…or the island is trying to tell Hurley that he needs to go back to help Claire and Aaron. “They” are who Charlie cared about most on the show.

  • annli

    alarose20 Your right. I swear I couldn’t make it out until you told me what it was. Then I could read it just fine.

    I hadn’t even thought about the monk & Mrs. Hawking in awhile. It makes perfect sense they could be the island too.

  • I think that Charlie is just imagined by Hurley, which means he knows that they need his help, but is just in denial right now.

  • preztige

    Doc, that same exact picture of Charlie reaching for the window, in Hi -Def? I want to use it as a desktop or myspace background. It is so awesome. Lost is getting very twisted and I liked how they did that scene.

  • AliKzam

    I think Hurley can see and converse with the dead, he just hasn’t realized that yet. That’s why he’s not as good at it, like John Edwards or Whoopie Goldberg 😉