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Food for Thought: Context

By nato64,

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Hey all. Nate here, just proposing some food for thought on last night’s premiere.

Lines from “Because You Left” (27:47)

Sawyer: Hell, what if the helicopter hasn’t even taken off yet.
Juliet: We could warn them. Stop them from ever flying to that boat.
*Dan looking like he’s tired of trying to teach a toddler calculus*
Dan: that’s not the way it works.
Sawyer: Who says?
Dan: You cannot change anything. You can’t. Even if you tried to, wouldn’t work.

Backtracking a bit, LOST’s formula began as ‘juxtaposing events in the past to the put the present in proper context.’ As the show went on, either by flashback or flashforward, events take on a new light under new information. We think any given event has one meaning when we’ll find out later it had many.

For example, how many times have we seen the scene from 301’s opening (discovering The Other’s live in Island Suburbia). We saw it the first time, very straightforward. Ben sends Ethan and Goodwin off to the jungle after our Losties. Later, we see that the reason Juliet was upset was because of her sister. After Ben sends Ethan and Goodwin away, Ben shows Juliet that her sister is alright at The Flame. In Season 4, we see that Goodwin was sent for a reason: Ben wanted him gone.

Every season has upped the ante on putting events in new context. I believe Season 5 will be no different, even though it seems to have done away with the flashback/flashforward model. Going back to Dan’s thoughts on changing the past, Darlton discussed in an E! interview (here) that some of the characters will believe Faraday and some of them might not. Some of them might even try to change the past.

What I’m getting at is, what if, in a character’s efforts to change the past, they inadvertently cause those events to happen? With the island’s unique time traveling flashes, we can seeing events from whenever and not only a new context, but seeing new actions our characters take to try to change them. In fact, this new architecture has the potential to have us screaming our heads off at the TV even more than we already do.

What if Sawyer fired the bullet hole in the chopper’s tank to try to keep it from leaving, setting in motion a chain of events that actually led to the Oceanic 6 to getting off the island? What if the Locke that saved Jack from falling off a cliff in Season 1’s White Rabbit was actually Locke from Season 5, planting the seed in him that the island is special? The possibilities are endless. Post your thoughts in the comments! I’m sure you guys could come up with ways our Losties could have impacted past events (‘past’ being relative).