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Course correction ahead

By Walter L. Newton,

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“The universe, unfortunately, has a way of course correcting.” Those words uttered by Mrs. Hawking in the episode “Flashes Before Your Eyes” to Desmond, may be the key to the events we now see unfolding in the Season 4 finale.


island.jpgIs the “universe” reconfiguring the major players who are associated with The Island? And how many times in “history” has this whole scenario happened before? Is it possible to connect these events to former events, ad infinitum.


I want to thank our contributor ErasedSlate for sparking this train of though in his blog entry  “The ingredients for an explosive finale.” It is something he mentioned about Sun and her takeover of Paik Industries that got me thinking about how our characters fit into a momentous course correction that appears to be in the process of talking place.


If you look at how our characters are being placed within the plot arcs, either presently or in the near future, you can see certain alignments.


Ben is the new Widmore. If he does leave the Island, is he not able to return because of the Island being moved by Locke. He seems to have both financial and personal resources off island that would enable him to search for it again. As Miles said – “Do not treat me like I’m one of them! Like I don’t know who you are, or what you can do! ” And as ErasedSlate theorized, in the future we see him and Sayid eliminating Widmore’s associates.


Locke is the new Ben. Sometime in the future, will we hear Ben say to Locke “That island’s mine, John. It always was. It will be again.”


Sun and Paik are the new Hanso Corporation. At present, Paik is probably involved in many shady activities, just as Hanso was associated with weapon sales during the Second World War (non-canon – see The Lost Experience). Will Sun turn the company away from it’s present course and use Paik Industries to try to harness the powers of the Island for the common good?


Is Keamy the leader of a new group of Island hostiles? Do we really know why the Others were at one time called “The Hostiles” by Dharma?


Jack is the new Magnus Hanso, searching for the Island. Currently, we only know that Magnus’ ship, the Black Rock, did make it to the Island. Was it some sort of accident that his ship ended up grounded on the Island or was he searching for it?


Christian Shepherd is the new Jacob. We’ve seen him in the cabin, sans Jacob. What was Jacob’s past connection with the Island and how does Christian fit into the current game?


Is Claire the new Rousseau and Aaron the new Alex? Rousseau was pregnant when she arrived on the Island, as Claire was. Did Alex leave the Island after her birth and then was returned to the Island as Ben’s “adopted” daughter? And it seems that Alex was very important to Ben, for whatever reasons. Will Aaron return to the Island and Locke become his protective “parent?”


I am not suggesting that every character and every plot point has a corresponding “clone,” but it does seem that we do have characters and motives that in some way reflect the older characters and motives. And certainly, when push comes to shove, the Island seems to have the final control.


How many times in the world of Lost has this played out? Who else could we associate as part of this “course correction” and what will be their role in the last two seasons?