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Ding Dong which is dead?

By Walter L. Newton,

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It was nice to see Christian walking around and looking so… well… undead. And this got me to thinking. Why did the writers bring him back into the story at this point? I won’t give anything away here, but if you watched the promo for “Cabin Fever,” it seemed to indicate that we are going to be adding a few more recruits to our undead brigade.


What are we building up to for our season closer? Probably a number of different plot arcs will be narrowed and a few new ones will leave us hanging until next season.


We’ve heard the producers tell use that some characters could be classified as undead. They gave us a few bones to pick on, mentioning Yemi, Kate’s horse and Christian Shephard. Are there anymore?


I think our armchair adventurer Locke is undead. This happened when Ben shot him. He may not even realize that he is undead, but take my word for it. He’s dead.


locke_shot.jpgLooking back over the past episodes, I noticed that characters who died and were buried were never seen again (except in visions). But Charlie, now we’ve seen him physically interact with Hurley. Christian’s body was on his way to a funeral and eventual burial, and his body disappeared. Yet Christian has been seen and has corporal abilities the same as a living person. Yemi’s body was on the Island, never buried, and was able to talk to his brother. And we know Mikhail refused to take a dirt nap.


Now, a question has come up in the last few weeks as to the reason why Danielle and Karl were found in a shallow grave. It’s because the freighter folk knows that they must bury a body in order to make sure it doesn’t become undead.


Which leads me to this conclusion. Claire is undead. She died when the rocket hit the bungalow she was residing in. And how many of our other favorite characters are walking compost heaps?


Oh, by the way, we’ll see Alex again.