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Doc Jensen Teases – 4.07 “Ji Yeon” *Mild Spoilers*

By Koobie,

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Tonight we will have confirmation to who exactly is the man on Ben’s boat.  In his weekly Lost Tease, Doc Jensen is almost 100% convinced that it is Michael on the boat, and he quoted Damon Lindelof saying:

”Yes, we know you have all figured out who Ben’s man on the boat is.
But once we’ve confirmed that for you, there’s still TEN MINUTES OF

The meat and sauce of the article are Doc’s theories on HOW Michael became the man on the boat.

1. Michael and Walt were sent to the past, Ben recaptured Walt, and Michael was manipulated into being Ben’s spy.
2. When Michael and Walt left the island they were transformed into different people who were never on Flight 815.

He ends the article with an interesting quote from Damon on How or When the numbers will be explained:

”There will be more ON the Numbers, yes. But explaining WHY and HOW
they are magic is like trying to explain why some magic kids are born
to two muggles. The Valenzetti Equation USES those numbers, but trust
me, they were around LONG before the early ’60s. But for fans waiting
for an advanced dissertation on the mythic significance of the numbers,
I direct them to Qui-Gon Jinn’s speech to Shmi Skywalker regarding
midichlorians and pose the following question: Happy now?”

Read the article here.

  • preztige2k6

    Michael decides to be the man on the boat to repent for Libby’s death? Maybe he see’s Libby again and convinces to work for Ben, because he has been shown that there are ‘miracles” that happen on the island, such as, dead people coming back to life? or something…i think Libby might have to do something with Ben coming back. Maybe he just wanted that pu-tang pie cause that chick is hott.

  • intotheblue

    Does anyone else see the parallels with Stephen Kings Dark Tower series?

  • spiegs

    What if Michael is not Ben’s man on the boat but is on the boat but is being used by Charles Widmore to help locate the island? After all he did know and the bearings and why would he have any allegiance to Ben anyways?

  • Brett G


    I am thinking the exact same thing. I am currently reading the Dark Tower now, book 3, and it is amazing. It’s hard for me to read it and not think how it parallels with Lost.

  • Scottlovesthisshowtoomuch

    It for sure reminds me a lot of the Dark Tower Series… The writers are said to be big fans of King, I have heard that they have signed on to make TDT into a movie series, but I am sure you guys heard that. If you look on the hot air balloon that Ben sends them to, you will notice that one of the sponsors is Nozz-A-La… LOVE IT!

  • Joop20

    I bet the magical numbers are the coordinates of the Island, as has been speculated. As can be read on, ‘Latitude 4.815, Longitude 162.342 are the GPS coordinates that lead to a point in the Pacific Ocean on the trail from Australia to L.A.’.

  • imfromthepast

    If Michael was sent back in time, who’s to say he doesn’t run into Libby before she takes the flight.

  • Koobie

    You guys are on to something with the Dark Tower series, the writers are HUGE fans of Stephen Kings work.

  • Cheex

    My theory is that Jin & Sun will be the final members of the Oceanic 6, but Jin will die in the flash-forward

  • TwoFlowers

    My theory is that Michael is in fact Ben’s spy on the boat thought that since last season. Sun and Jin are going to be the last two of the Oceanic 6 because Sun must leave the island because of her pregnancy. And Stephen King wrote the book “LOST”. There are many changes on the series but a lot of similarities.

  • Brett G

    The Dark Tower movies would be kick ass. My brother and I talk about this often, he would play Roland if they made a movie from the books. Stephen King is, hands down, one of the best authors ever. I can see why the writers are huge fans.

  • Brett G

    **who would play Roland, not he.

  • Koobie

    I’m thinking only Sun gets off the island while Jin dies on island (for an exciting twist!)

  • MerlboroMan

    If you guys like the Dark Tower connections search up Doc’s old site, the Tail Section and read up on a ocuple of articles I posted. Ask yourself this, what if Lost is the Tower world?

  • Jimmy Zer00

    Am I wrong or does that last quote mean that the writers are copping out on the numbers?

    I’m cool with the numbers being part of some big unknowable fabric of the universe kind of thing, but you can’t just show something as rad as Hurley overhearing the numbers in an institution, gambling them, winning, and then appearing to be cursed by them, and THEN having the numbers show up to an almost ridiculous extent in every episode without some kind of explanation…

    I’m not talking about some throwaway garbage either. Those numbers are one of the coolest and most significant aspects of the show. If the payoff on the numbers is weak, Lost is going to go down as one of the biggest jokes in recent tv history. I promise.

  • milo

    I think we’ll get more reference to the numbers, but nothing that gives a concrete reason why those numbers are significant – “unknowable fabric of the universe” sounds about right.

    And as long as they tie everything else well (and give the numbers at least some more coverage and not just forget about them), I think people will be just fine with it. The show has enough grand mysteries that leaving something like the numbers mysterious in the end isn’t that big a deal.

  • milo

    Least surprising surprise ever, though it was still a fun moment.

    I bet all the people who insisted it couldn’t be Michael because the ABC promos said “it’s someone you never expected to see again…” are feeling pretty silly now.

  • Bontster

    Damon and the crew have been plugged into King’s work since Day One. Here’s a snippet of an interview that AICN did with Damon way back in 2004:

    AICN: Will the survivors divide up into “good” and “evil” factions, as the survivors did in Stephen King’s “The Stand”?
    DL: Love that you referenced “The Stand” — whenever I mention Mother Abigail or Randy Flagg, Nebraska vs. Vegas and superflus, I have to explain myself. For the record, it’s my favorite King book other than the Dark Tower series. In fact, you may have noticed the character of Charlie (Dom Monaghan, the rockstar one-hit wonder) is an homage to Larry Underwood.
    So will they divide up? Absolutely. But not necessarily into teams of “good” and “evil.”
    I’ll say this — it takes a little while to figure out who falls into which of those categories… and once someone’s defined as “good,” it doesn’t mean they’ll STAY that way (see: Skywalker, Anakin).

    AICN: I see lots of “The Stand” in “Lost.” There’s a fair amount of Stu and Frannie in Jack and Kate. Shannon could easily evolve into Nadine Cross. I get a real Flagg-y vibe from Terry O’Quinn’s character (hopefully this isn’t misdirection). Daniel Dae Kim’s character, with his communication difficulties, is kinda like Nick Andros. But Hurley is funnier than Tom Cullen.
    DL: Glad to see you’re as big a fan of “The Stand” as I am. We’re not misdirecting you on Terry O’ Quinn’s Flagg-esque (Walter in some worlds) qualities… but hopefully he’s got some big surprises in store for everyone.