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Doc Jensen Teases – 4.07 “Ji Yeon” *Mild Spoilers*

By Koobie,

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Tonight we will have confirmation to who exactly is the man on Ben’s boat.  In his weekly Lost Tease, Doc Jensen is almost 100% convinced that it is Michael on the boat, and he quoted Damon Lindelof saying:

”Yes, we know you have all figured out who Ben’s man on the boat is.
But once we’ve confirmed that for you, there’s still TEN MINUTES OF

The meat and sauce of the article are Doc’s theories on HOW Michael became the man on the boat.

1. Michael and Walt were sent to the past, Ben recaptured Walt, and Michael was manipulated into being Ben’s spy.
2. When Michael and Walt left the island they were transformed into different people who were never on Flight 815.

He ends the article with an interesting quote from Damon on How or When the numbers will be explained:

”There will be more ON the Numbers, yes. But explaining WHY and HOW
they are magic is like trying to explain why some magic kids are born
to two muggles. The Valenzetti Equation USES those numbers, but trust
me, they were around LONG before the early ’60s. But for fans waiting
for an advanced dissertation on the mythic significance of the numbers,
I direct them to Qui-Gon Jinn’s speech to Shmi Skywalker regarding
midichlorians and pose the following question: Happy now?”

Read the article here.