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Doc Rummages Through Some LOST Mysteries

By docarzt,

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UGO Asked me to come up with some ruminations on LOST’s remaining big mysteries.  Are there any solvable now?  Any good theories?  I gave it my best shot in the limited space, now let’s hear YOUR theories to these, or other, mysteries that may be out there. 

  • james

    Err, grammar error Doc, first paragraph, “Does any of us really want to face that?”

  • docarzt

    Actually I noticed that earlier, but it’s not a dynamic CMS. I send it it… it gets published… no chance of fixing. 🙁

  • d

    “…the monsters inability to look into the soul of Juliette….”

    Since when was the monster unable to scan Juliet? I can’t imagine what kind of proof you have to support this.

  • docarzt

    Um. Actually I do. The show itself. Smokey attempts to read Juliette and is repelled by flashes of light. A Dharma Fish-Biscuit for the first person who can name the episode.

  • docarzt

    Just to fuel my theory a little more… remember when Juliette got a shot in “Other Woman”? They sort of made a big deal out of it. I smell a long con. But who knows, we Lost fans are known for flights of fancy.

  • thinbluemime

    “Who will Kate wind up with in the end?”

    You’re killing me Doc! LOL

  • d

    The smoke monster is repelled by flashes of light? Are you sure about that? This is getting right back to the point I made earlier, you don’t know what is happening. The smoke monster does its thing, it goes away. This isn’t the first time it has done that, in fact, the scene shows nothing to betray its character as previously experienced. The only factor that changes is that the scene is at night and it might have been stylistically interesting to show flashes of light during the scan to create dramatic intensity.

    You don’t know if the thing has been repelled, if it failed in scanning, if it has done anything at all.

  • ManilaRaf

    My guess is “Left Behind”.

    Juliet & Kate wake up handcuffed together and encounter smokey. They run to the sonic fence, which Juliet activates. This blocks smokey, but smokey unsuccessfully tries to scan Juliet.

    Where’s my fish biscuit Doc? 🙂

  • d

    how can any of you say the smoke monster unsuccessfully tried to scan juliet? There is no evidence to support it failing or succeeding.

  • Donnie

    I would have put Joshua on the list. What is up with that dude Joshua? What about the ‘good’ survivors that were kidnapped and taken by the others? Why did that happen and why are they good? Why is Walt special? Who was that lady that told Desmond he couldn’t change time and that he needed to push the button? Whats the long term effects of the blowing up the hatch and the sky turning purple when the button wasn’t pushed? Whats up with Claire and Jack’s dad and all the other ghosts?

  • Zonker

    Since I got hooked during Season Two, I’ll nominate the mystery around the nature and evolving purpose of the Swan station. How was the island different before the Swan was built? What was the “Incident” that led to the change in the station protocol (the button pushing). What changed as a result of Desmond activating the fail safe? Why was Kelvin so scared of activating the same failsafe?

    Oh, yeah, and who was Radzinsky?

  • Frank

    So I guess the identity of Jacob isn’t so important anymore?

  • DocArzt

    Jacob? Who’s that?

  • Richard

    I think there’s a chance that Jacob is Jacob Hanso, Captain of the Black Rock, on the BDM Gerald DeGroot is called Martin (AH/MDG incident) so I wondered if Magnus might not also have been altered to Jacob? It’d make some sense, linking the Black Rock to The DHARMA Initiative?

    Number One – Who are Adam and Eve? After just having watched House of the Rising Sun I’m more convinced than ever (KATE: “I don’t want to be Eve”)

    Number Two – Four toes are better than five. – Please God, no, no prosthetic feet with four toes! I think the Four Toed statue might be an anthropomorphic representation of the monster, built by the same peoples who built The (original) Temple, temples and statues imply worship to me, and that’s what I think Smokey was treated as before Jacob arrived, a God.

    Number Three – That Crazy F’n French Lady (And Montond’s arm) – Could Montand and Candle be one and the same? I think we might get to see the Crazy F’n French Lady’s (with an Eastern European accent) story in some Daniel-centric episodes during S5?

    Number Six – A Runway? What were they building on Alcatraz island. – Maybe Jacob told Ben to tell Ricard to tell The Others to build a runway for Frank Lapidus to land on when he brings back the O6?

    Number Seven – “We both know I can’t do that” – See Tom’s speech to Michael in Meet Kevin Johnson, if you’ve got work to do then The Island won’t let you die, so perhaps Locke’s job was to die and change Jack’s mind about coming back? (“Hellllp meeeee” / “You’ll owe me one”)

    Number Eight – “You do remember birthdays…” – , I think Richard Alpert is the First Mate of the Black Rock, the one whose ledger we saw Mr. Widmore purchase, and that he hasn’t aged a day since he set foot on The Island. Mittelos or Lost Time is what Ben (and I suspect The Island) experienced when the Frozen Donky Wheel was turned.

    Number Nine – The Black Smoke Thing – I think he arrived on the back of an Exotic Matter meteorite! Worshipped as a god by The Island’s first inhabitants, treated as a guard dog by Jacob and then reduced to a security system by his descendant Alvar’s DHARMA Initiative.

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