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Doc’s Lost 4.02 Confirmed Dead Musings

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lost402.jpgNew characters, new mysteries! Tonight’s episode of Lost, Confirmed Dead, ups the anti and raises some very interesting questions regarding the freighter people. Here are some of my thoughts on Lost 4.02 Confirmed Dead.

For starters, they are not the singular group with a central, evil plot that many thought. They seem to barely have any connection to one another at all except for one thing: the crash of Oceanic 815. Most of the flashbacks took place on that day, and each seemed to be affected in a profound way, or involved in other business that seemed loosely related.

Dan? Why Are You So Upset?

Why indeed! Our friend Daniel Faraday is, mark my words, an autistic savant. Likely an extremely high functioning Aspbergers guy. He sees patterns, as evidenced later with his exclamation that the light doesn’t scatter quite right. So what about the 815 wreckage looked so ‘off’ that it had Danny boy on the verge of tears? I wouldn’t mistake his emotional outburst for an eventual confession of “My son was on that plane.” Daniel saw a pattern that he eventually came to recognize as “not legitimate crash wreckage.”

Did it Work?

What’s funny about Miles act is that he is hiding the fact that he is psychic. But why? My guess would be that Miles machine does nothing but disguise the fact that the real ghost busting is in his head. As we’ve seen, he uses his gift to ask spirits where their valuables are hidden. If he revealed himself as a psychic capable of talking to the dead, wouldn’t their descendants want him for the same reason?

Is That a Collar?

Charlotte knew that collar was going to be there as much as she knew what that symbol wast. Why? Consider that she probably knew exactly which dig to go to and when to find it. My suspicion: Charlotte is one of Ben’s operatives. But wait a minute, you say, Ben shot her! Well, yes. He shot her directly in the bullet proof vest he knew she’d be wearing. He got two shots off, he probably could have easily gotten a head shot had he wanted. I think teleporting that bear was part of an “Others” post Dharma experiment and Charlotte was the field agent checking the results.

The thing of it is, we know that Ben operates on the two lies and a truth principle.  Maybe he fudges the recipe a bit, but part of what he says is always true, and part is always false.  Let’s look at the evidence:

a) Charlotte knows Dharma.  She was positively beaming when she saw that logo.

b) Charlotte was aware that the 815 crash was bogus.

c) By shooting Charlotte, Ben erased any possibility that the connection between the two would be revealed.

d) Ben stressed “man on their boat.” He specificity is suspect.

I was supposed to fly oceanic 815 that day.

Wow Frank. What is your story? I guess that Frank’s knowledge of the Oceanic 815 fakery was somehow leveraged into a job. That says a few things about Abaddon and crew. They aren’t necessarily cold blooded killers, or they let Frank extort them. It also says a few things about Frank. He could be a little low-down and dirty himself when it comes to making a buck or two, or maybe he’s just looking for his friend Seth Norriss. Either way, if he knows the wreckage is fake, he must also know that the discovery of survivors would get somebody in big trouble.

Sure, Why Not…

Naomi was clearly the muscle of the group. A mercenary contracted directly by Abaddon to look over the ‘team.’ A few problems. She is aware of the fakery, obviously, and of the fact that 815 crashed on the island. So is she a good girl, or a bad girl? Does it matter anymore?

Oh, It Can Hurt…

When Sayid is playing with the phone, Myles is getting pretty nervous. Just what ‘extra’ abilities do those phones possess?

Where is he?!

Ken Leung does psycho mode very well, no? But just what do the freighter people want with Ben Linus? Charlotte did not flinch when she saw him. More evidence that she is his “man on the boat”? That was kind of an oldish looking photo of Ben. Sort of orientation era, yeah? Could it be that Ben is doing a bit of time travel?