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Finale predictions – Mine and yours…

By Walter L. Newton,

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Here is my prediction on what we can see happen during the finale. And note, I have not read any of the spoilers floating around the internet, not even the “spoilers lite” that appear here on Doc Arzt.


I have based my list on ideas that have come to mind during the two week break, and I have stayed away from forums and spoiler sites. I suspect that I am not the only Lost fan in the world to make these following suggestions.


We have been able to keep Doc Arzt pretty free of “show stopping” spoilers and I ask that if you do have foreknowledge of actual plot points for tonight, please refrain from including them in your predictions.


season_4_box.jpgNow, here is my list…


1) In the least, The Island will move back in time, at the most, it will move in both space and time.
2) The move will be back to the point that the Dharma project was active.
3) Because of this on-island time, Desmond will not have “pressed the button” yet.
4) Since Desmond hasn’t “pressed the button,” the 815 will not crash on The Island.
5) Because of this move, events off-island will change.
6) Because of this off-island change, the 815 will have crashed in the Sunda Trench
7) The Oceanic 6’s story will be true, but they know what happened, because they have “lived” in both times (not dual timelines).
8) Those left on The Island will become part of the Others.
9) This has happened many times before.
10)There will be no flashbacks or flash forwards in season 5. There is only one timeline (and there has always been only one timeline). We will see the timeline from the perspective of on island time and off island time, which is happening at the same time. This backs up what Faraday mentioned about how time is preceived.


Does your head hurt yet?