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Food for Thought – 5.03 “Jughead”

By nato64,

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Hey guys, here is a short list of things that came to mind in 5.03, ‘Jughead’ to spark conversation.

  • If in the year 1954, Richard is all clean-cut and wearing nice clothes (stole from the U.S. Army), why in Episode 3.20 ‘The Man Behind the Curtain’ in Ben’s flashback does Richard have long hair and worn clothing as if he’d been living in the wild?   Are the Others fooling Dharma that they’re primitive with costumes like they fooled our losties?
  • Richard found time travel inconceivable, leading me to believe he doesn’t know about the island’s ‘exotic matter’ and frozen donkey wheel.   Maybe he isn’t as all-knowing as we assumed he was.
  • I have a feeling all of us Lost fans are thinking the same thing: that Daniel’s mother and Mrs. Hawking are the same person.  I’ve heard it a lot around the boards.   She’s the only one that’s said the same things Daniel has such as “you can’t change the past” and “course correction” (I know Daniel never used those words but it’s implied).  If she is Daniel’s mother, she is helping Ben find the Island.  Think about that.  Widmore knows where she is, Los Angeles (where the world revolves around, apparently). If Widmore knows her, he knows she can find the island and can surely find out that she’s helping Ben.  In my opinion, this disproves the theory that Mrs. Hawking and Mrs. Faraday are the same woman. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense, putting in to context that Widmore knows her and she’s helping Ben.   If that were true, she’d either be dead or helping Widmore find the island.
  • Young Widmore clearly has a British accent.  How did he get to the island?
  • If the Submarine was Dharma, how do the Others leave? Obviously, Richard leaves in the early 1960s to visit John Locke as a youngling in order to check his midiclorine count.  I doubt the D.I. would let Richard take their Submarine out for a spin.

Nate’s Theory of the Week:
Before the premiere last week, I posted a theory that elaborated the basis that Widmore is behind Dharma.  That could still be true.  In this episode we saw a young punk Widmore not taking orders well. What if he, for a reason we’ll see soon enough, turns the wheel or is forced to leave the island and soon after, he creates Dharma to go back to the island and exploit it.  First, the question would have to be answered how he got so rich and powerful once he left the island.   I don’t think an Others bake sale would go over too well.

Is anyone else getting tired of ‘the Others’ as their name? I know it’d be somewhat lame of them to have a club title but when Juliet even said, “Because he’s an Other,” I cringed.  Why would she call themselves that?  Otherwise, I loved the ep.